Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Hawkeye Links | Plus Hawkeye Message Board Rumors

First of all....What the Fuck happened last night?

I guess it is silly to think that Brandon Wegher would be the only rumor/gossip topic of August in Iowa. There was a short lived Adam Robinson rumor, that may have had a tiny bit of truth to it. Wade Leppert left the team, sadly that drew little interest, but was true. Then there was last night...

That's when InfiniteHerky decided to start a thread on HawkeyeReport which reached 5 pages-before being removed- that was titled 'Starter injured in today's practice."

The rumored starter was safety Tyler Sash. He was reported (by random message board members) to have his arm in a sling, a cast on his arm, and even a broken wrist. Posts containing this information appeared at Hawkeye Report, Hawkeye Lounge, and Hawkeye Nation.

As of this morning, Rob Howe of Hawkeye Insider was reporting that Sash is fine. Marc Morehouse also tweeted that there are no broken bones. Stand down.

There are catagories for these types of things, it's either Drew Tate's strained oblique or Drew Tate's broken leg. This Sash rumor appears to be in the latter.

What was perhaps lost in all the scuttlebutt, was that true freshman Austin Gray has left the team.

Okay, Hawkeye links,

For starters, Welcome to the new Hawk Central.

Expect to see a lot of Black and Gold invading Tuscon. At HawkCentral: Hawkeye fans buying out tickets to Arizona game.

From Big Ten schools among few making profit.

Also from ESPN, Adam Rittenberg is ranking the quarterbacks.

Black Heart Gold Pants can't wait for December, No Need To Play The Season; WhatIf Sports Did It For Us .

Also, from BHGP and for you podcast fans, BLACK HEART GOLD PODCAST 34A: Tim Dwight Joins BHGP .

If you missed Ricky Stanzi this morning on ESPN's First Take, Scott Dochterman has the audio here.

Rob Howe, of Hawkeye Insider, has a free for all article titled: DJK Leading the Way

DJK is also Hawkeye Nerd's number 10 on his list of 12 days of Hawkeye football. gives us: Big Ten Primer: More Than Big Four.

From the Vandervelde on cusp of final chapter with Hawks.

and finally,

From the Daily Iowan.  Hawkeye offensive line ignores doubters.

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