Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Game Week (BSU) | Ferentz Call-in Notes

Here is the best of Twitter and my own posts for the weekly call-in show with Coach Ferentz. Make sure you follow the folks with the @ sign. They are always providing the best up-to-the-second Hawkeye news.

RT @marcmorehouse: I think Coker plays and Johnson sits. Johnson has been a scout teamer. That means he hasn't been running Iowa's O.

RT @marcmorehouse: Jason White is an MCL injury.

RT @bvak: Jerry: Did D do a good job considering AZ QB was good? 

RT @bvak: KF: 21 points were "unearned."  AZ has a good football team.

RT @bvak: KF: Football coaches tend to get penalized (financially) for statements made AFTER the game, not during.

Ferentz was asked about running back, James Morris will not move over. Anthony Hitchens has moved to running back.

Ferentz: May consider moving Clayborn around a little bit, read Arizona paper and saw how they gave the tackle credit.

Fererntz: Rogers has done a nice job at FB but may get some carries at RB. On call, similar to last season.

Ferentz: Hopefully this is the end of moving people over for this season.

Ferentz: On the road with a young offensive line isn't the best place to be playing from behind.

RT @bvak: Mark in Adel: "This is Mark from Adel."  (Duh.) Recounted watching the game while on vacation.  Son was at the game.  (Who cares?)

RT @HawkeyeNation: Here are Hitchens HS RB numbers; had 3,864 career rushing yards and 52 touchdowns on 519 rushing attempts

Ferentz: Ball State has a pretty good kick returner that ran one back last week and is averaging 37 yards a return...imagine that (chuckle)

Ferentz: We have to be prepared for both QB's

Ferentz: Defensive end #91 is their best player, safeties are good, have a couple guys that are disruptive up front.

Ferentz: Gum doesn't last, I rotate 4-5 pieces a quarter.

RT @bvak: KF: Sugarless Bubble Yum.  Has bad teeth.  May look calm, but he's a wreck inside.

RT @bvak: KF: Doesn't work out daily.  He tries, sort of.  Easier in off-season than in-season.

RT @bvak: KF: Norm's had a million tests done over the last couple weeks.  Plan laid out last Friday.  Probably getting out Sunday.

RT @bvak: KF: Norm may be in the office next week.

RT @bvak: KF: Will be disappointed if #Hawkeyes don't bounce back strong this weekend.

RT @bvak: KF: Norm told him to tell the team, "Don't lose twice."  Not good to dwell on loss. #Hawkeyes

Hawkeye Links,

Hawk Central says there is no questioning Coker's quality.

For more on Coker, here is Marc Morehouse's article from February.

KCRG has a video that takes a look at Iowa's throwback jerseys for this weeks game.

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