Monday, September 20, 2010

Game Week (BSU) | Two Deeps Plus Hawkeye Links

The Hawkeyes official press release for the upcoming game with Ball State is now available. The Hawkeyes will honor the 1960 era team with new throwback uniforms. After a rough game at Arizona there are some Hawkeyes missing from this weeks two-deeps.


WR 1. DJK, 2. Sandeman
LT 1. Reiff, 2. Haganman
LG 1. Vandervelde, 2. Boffeli
C 1. Ferentz, 2. Koeppel
RG 1. MacMillan, 2. Gettis
RT 1. Zusevics, 2. Van Sloten
TE 1. Reisner, 2. Herman
QB 1. Stanzi, 2. Vandenberg
WR 1. McNutt, 2. Davis
RB 1. Robinson, 2. O'Meara
FB 1. Morse, 2. Rogers


DE 1. Clayborn, 2. Daniel
DT 1. Klug, 2. Bigach
DT 1. Ballard/Daniels, 2. Nardo
DE 1. Ballard/Binns, 2. Alvis
LB 1. Nielsen, 2. Johnson
LB 1. Tarpinian, 2. Johnson
LB 1. Hunter, 2. Tillison
LC 1. Prater, 2. Castillo
FS 1. Greenwood, 2. Miller
SS 1. Sash, 2. Nielsen
RC 1. Hyde 2. Bernstine/Lowe

P 1. Donahue, 2. Guthrie
K 1. Mossbruker, 2. Meyer

As you see, Jewel Hampton and Bruce Davis are not listed amongst the two deeps. According to a tweet from Rob Howe, of Hawkeye Insider, both players may be out for "awhile." O'Meara is listed as the second string running back but he also walked slowly off the field and suffered what appeared to be a slight concussion.

So, the question is....

Will one of Iowa's true freshmen running backs burn a redshirt this weekend? Earlier reports had Marcus Coker injured and possibly out for the season. He had broken a collar bone during one of the first days of camp and was thought to have had injured it again. Ferentz commented on his weekly call-in show last week that Coker had a good week of practice. So, who knows. We do know that De'Andre Johnson saw a lot of action this past fall camp. If someone needs to get their feet wet, Ball State is the time to do it.

We may also see some more playing time for James Morris this week. The true freshman middle linebacker has seen some reps in garbage time and on kickoff teams. Troy Johnson is an experienced player and fills multiple roles as a backup linebacker, but Morris needs some reps so he can step in if more injuries occur during the rigorous Big Ten schedule.

Hawkeye Links,

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And finally, Jon Miller's Hawkeye Nation has Monday Morning Quarterback with Jared Clauss.

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