Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Game Week (MSU) | Ferentz Takes Blame for Wisconsin Final Minutes

It's Tuesday so that means Kirk Ferentz met with the media. Hawk Central has the complete transcript available here. Of course Coach discussed the upcoming game with Michigan State but did admit that versus Wisconsin he "blew some things." Marc Morehouse, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, has the video up on his blog.

The admittance led to a few more opinions. More from the Gazette, Ferentz takes blame for calls in loss to Wisconsin. Sean Keeler, of Hawk Central, writes Ferentz comes clean on clock management and DJK.
I wrote, or sorta begged, for the return of Norm Parker this week. According to Ferentz, Parker may not make it back this week but still may be able to be in the booth Saturday.

Here are some other links pertaining to today's PC:
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Tuesday's Kirk Ferentz Presser
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Podcast: ‘On Iowa’ rehashes Iowa’s final drive, special teams problems

I also mentioned this morning that ESPN.com Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg was on the Stanzi bandwagon. Well, just after my post Rittenberg posted his Big Ten Heisman update: Week 9. Guess who is number one on the list.

Couple of new videos available today:

Black Heart Gold Pants also has a couple of new blog posts:
I put together this list of random Hawkeye related Tweets from the last couple of days:

RT @marcmorehouse: Asked Marvin about the NFL. He handled it expertly: "I'm pretty sure I'm going to be here next year."

RT @ESPN_BigTen: Most Big Ten fans are pretty sharp, but it's amazes me how many still think Rose Bowl tiebreaker is decided by team last to go to Pasadena

RT @marcmorehouse: Fake punt, we blew that one. Two guys assigned to watch punter. They didn't.

RT @ESPN_BigTen: Cousins on Kinnick: “That’s a hostile crowd. I’ve been a part of that crowd many, many years growing up as a kid.”

RT @HawkeyeNation: Kirk said he would spike the ball if could do it over. Felt more than 1 second was going to come off clock cuz Reisner catch took 11

RT @ESPN_BigTen: Cousins on Iowa: "I grew up a big fan, followed them every year. It will be somewhat surreal being able to play on that field."

RT @ESPN_BigTen: Ferentz: "It’s like any time you lose. It’s disappointing. We went through that earlier in the season ... The big thing is to turn the page.

RT @ESPN_BigTen: Dantonio: “This will be our first time going into a stadium where it’s going to be 95 percent or more [opposing fans]."

RT @HawkeyeNation: Iowa has lost 8 games since start of the 2008 season by a combined 30 points or little more than a field goal per loss, none by more than 7.

RT @BTNStatsGuy: #Iowa has won its last 6 home meetings against #MichiganState, including all 4 under Kirk Ferentz. #MSU's last win at Iowa: Oct. 7, 1989.

RT @BTNStatsGuy: Ricky Stanzi in five home games this season: 71.2 comp pct, 1,206 pass yds, 10 TD, 1 INT, 2 rushing scores. #BigTen #Iowa

RT @BTNStatsGuy: FBS leaders in pass TDs among those with no more than two INT: Ricky Stanzi 16, Kellen Moore 16. #BigTen #Iowa #BoiseState #Hawkeyes

RT @BTNStatsGuy: Adam Robinson has rushed for 589 yards in five home games this season. That is the 8th-most by FBS player as a host. #BigTen #Iowa #Hawkeyes

RT @BTNStatsGuy: Derrell Johnson-Koulianos has TD catch in five straight games. DJK never had a streak longer than two games prior to this run. #BigTen #Iowa

RT @BTNStatsGuy: Derrell Johnson-Koulianos has eight TD catches this season. He had seven in his first three seasons combined. #BigTen #Iowa #Hawkeyes

And finally, Mike Hlas wants to know to which Bowl game Hawkeye fans think they will end up.

Hoops stuff,

The last chance to catch the Hawkeye Men's Basketball team practice is this Saturday at 12:30.

Potential good news for the Women's team? Greg Stokes: Kiah decision coming soon.

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