Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hawkeyes in the Polls | Hoops on the Hardwood

The Polls are out and the Hawkeyes have moved to #13 in the BCS standings. Iowa sits as the second highest ranked two loss team. One spot behind Alabama. With the newest rankings come new bowl predictions. Here is a list of links related to both.

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Big Ten bowl projections
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BOWL PROJECTIONS: Iowa vs. Alabama?

Okay, so here is kinda what we discussed last night on the Twitter about the BCS and Iowa's possible bowl opponents.

The best possible scenario for Iowa would be to win out (duh). They would get a boost from beating Ohio State but would still need a loss from either Michigan State or Wisconsin to earn a BCS berth. If PSU can beat MSU or Michigan surprise Wisconsin Iowa could end the final BCS rankings as high as #8 or #9. I don't think Wisconsin will lose but I do think Penn State has a chance against MSU at home to end the regular season.

Oklahoma State still has Oklahoma and most likely Nebraska left. Alabama and Auburn face off in the Iron Bowl and Auburn will most likely have the SEC championship game. If Iowa can knock off Ohio State and not lose to NW or Minny they should be sitting nicely for the second BCS at-large (again, needing a MSU/Wis loss). I think Stanford wins their last three games and the winner of the Big 12 title game knocks the other from the BCS picture.

I see the breakdown like this: 2 SEC teams (LSU, Auburn), 2 PAC 10 teams (Oregon, Stanford), 2 Big Ten teams (Wisconsin, Iowa*), 1 Non-AQ (TCU), 1 Big East (Pitt), 1 ACC (VTech), 1 Big 12 (Oklahoma St).

*That's the homer talking, head says Ohio State

Who would they then play? I think LSU in the Sugar bowl would be likely. Wisconsin would win the berth to the Rose Bowl by virtue of a victory over Iowa and face TCU in the Rose Bowl.

With those guesses we could see these games:

Auburn/Oregon NC game
Wisconsin/TCU Rose Bowl
LSU/Iowa Sugar
Oklahoma St/Pitt Fiesta
Stanford/Vtech Orange

What if Iowa loses to Ohio State or even losses to both Northwestern and Ohio State? I think you can pencil Iowa in for either the Capital One or the Outback at this point. For possible opponents you have Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, or South Carolina. If Iowa finishes 8-4 and falls to the Gator Bowl you still get the lowest of those four SEC teams.

I suppose an absolute worst case would include a loss to Minnesota. If that happens let's forget about a Bowl game altogether.

Of those SEC teams they all should make for great games. I'd prefer an Iowa/Bama because I think they match-up the best. Florida has studied Oregon and added an increased tempo to their offense. I would hate to face that after four weeks to prepare for a Bowl game. Arkansas has a high scoring offnese, South Carolina is all kinds of blah but the rematch with Spurrier would make an interesting story. Let's hope for LSU in Nawlins?

So the Hoops team took the floor tonight and put up 6 million points. Okay, maybe 111 against the sisters of the poor but hey, 111 points! Twitter was abuzz with words like "fast break" and "steal." I may have even read "athletic" a time or two. Although the young Hawks may not be a Final Four team it's going to be fun to watch this season.

Here are some of the highlights from Twitter followed by links about today's game:

RT @johnbohnenkamp: Iowa's men's players will have to be in coat and tie when arriving for game day.

RT @thebstiles: Iowa starters: Basabe, Payne, McCabe, May, Cole in place of Cartwright.

RT @HawkeyeInsider: Cartwright and Brommer for McCabe and Cole. First subs for Iowa.

RT @johnbohnenkamp: Zach McCabe can play. Knocks down a 3, draws a charge at the other end.

RT @johnbohnenkamp: Basabe clearly an upgrade at the '4' over the departed Aaron Fuller.

RT @thebstiles: This game doesn't count obviously, but FWIW, the last time Iowa scored 100+ in a game? Dec. 20, 2006. Alford era.

RT @BTNBrentsBlog: Iowa has 101 points in exhibition game. It scored 76 in last year's exhibition. It's clear the Hawkeyes will be easier to watch this year.

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