Monday, December 13, 2010

Hawkeye Rumor Time | ARob, Hampton, Wegher, Bernstine?

Let me be clear. I have no information about the rumors circulating nor will I pretend to. The object of this post is to attempt to gather what is being said around the message boards. Sort of a cliff notes, if you will.

Hopefully these "sources" and "insiders" have false information and we all carry-on about our merry way. But, over the years, these often have some truth buried within the scuttlebutt. So, here we go.

Here is what we know. According to his Facebook page, and per Black Heart Gold Pants, Jewel Hampton is leaving Iowa. Here is the Facebook post:

(click to enlarge)

Why? The exact reason isn't clear. Could it be a failed drug test? People on message boards think so.

According to FlickShagwell, on Hawkeye report:
"10 random players tested prior to practice today" (this was on 12/10)
A few days have passed since this test but over the weekend the rumor mill started churning. Twitter has been buzzing about possible player suspensions and dismissals. Some Hawkeye websites have been deleting posts about the topic.

Last evening the flames grew larger and more and more people started discussing what they know or have heard. Perhaps the rumors took off because the players being mentioned are not visible in the small sample of practice photos released by the UofI. It's not uncommon that younger players get a lot of reps in the first week of Bowl practice. Is this a catalyst? I don't know.

Last night, Tallgrass (on states:
"Heard a rumor ARob, Hampton, and Bernstine all tested positive for drugs and are done."
Also, on, HiawathaHawk writes:
"When he (Jewel Hampton) had basically a random stranger drive him to buy weed during the bowl trip last year and didn't hide it, I started to doubt that he was bright enough to avoid trouble for 5 years. Being injured and away for the second straight year probably didn't help matters. "

Over at Hawkeye Report, Hawk's Nest reports:
"Just got off the phone with one of ARob and Jewel's roommates. Jewel is kicked off and ARob has a meeting in the morning."
(click to enlarge)

"Add to my previous post, it is the result of a failed drug test"

(click to enlarge)

At BHGP, Bryce Carlson says:
"Jewel failed his 3rd drug test and has been kicked off the team. A-Rob, Ballard, Binns and others have all failed a drug test as well. Kirk will announce what players are suspended for the Bowl Game at the end of the week.

They have a 3 strike policy, so as long as the other guys clean up before the next test, they should be fine."
Also in the BHGP thread following the Hampton post, Hawkeye Boiler says:
"Ok, this is what I got so far. Djk busted, and we all know he got his stuff seized and the like.

Heard they found a list of names on his computer that supposedly owed him money for “things”.

heard that this list was the list that got tested and none of the list passed and all of these names we are hearing on that list.

Anyone else kinda hearing the same things?"
Derrell Johnson-Koulianous was arrested last week for numerous drug charges and failed a drug test. Amongst the arrest report was "electronic media" that has been rumored to include photos, or details about other members of the football team. Since the release of this information rumors have swirled about if and who are on those photos or lists.

Along with all of this, Brandon Wegher officially asked for his release of scholarship to pursue a transfer. Not a big surprise since he hasn't been part of the team since day two of fall camp but last night he did change his Facebook profile pic to this:

That's it, well, not completely it. I think that's the gist though. Lot's of names being thrown about. Let's hope it isn't true and Stanzi, Clayborn. Binns, Ballard, McNutt, Davis, ARob, and Bernstine will have their names cleared.

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