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Iowa Hawkeye Football Media Day | Linkapalooza

Okay, my lamest title by far, but Lollapalooza kicked off today and sadly I couldn't attend this year. I was there two years ago for the celebrate the 1990's weekend with RATM, Radiohead, and NIN.

Lot's of stuff rolling out so here you go:

Marc Morehouse gets Iowa media day — Player video. He posted interviews with seemingly the entire team. Lot's of good stuff there.

Jon Miller and HawkeyeNation give us: MEDIA DAY: Ferentz Presser Transcript

Two other stories from Jon and HN: MEDIA DAY: Quotes from the Players and MEDIA DAY: O’Keefe and Parker.

Brendan Stiles, of, gives us Iowa Media Day notebook. Hawkeye Drive also has several player interview videos up.

We get more from Morehouse with: Iowa media day — Kirk Ferentz video and Iowa media day — Assistant coach video and What doesn’t kill them . . .(the Oline)

Scott Dochterman tells us that: Video: Iowa RB Brandon Wegher a man of few words

Doc also says that Now healthy, Iowa’s Hampton back to compete

Rob Howe of gives us a few photos:

The Des Moines Register focused on DJK today. Andrew Logue writes DJK at media day and Sean Keeler has DJK raw: The Hawkeye receiver talks about Kirk Ferentz and — Pat Harty?

Voice of the Hawkeyes gave us pictures of a couple more true Freshmen (James Morris, Jonny Mullings) has their own photo gallery up, you can check it out here.

John Bohnenkamp blogs about Media Day.

Jon Wilner wants to talk about his ballot for the preseason AP top 25. He has the Hawks #6. 

and finally, some notes about Hawks in the NFL. First, you can hear from Shonn Green here. Second:

Update: I've posted videos and additional stories at

Iowa Hawkeye Football Media Day | Quick Hits and Pics

Lot's of pics and quick hits from the Twitter:

RT @thebstiles: Talked to A.J. Derby. Staying at QB

RT @marcmorehouse: Norm says no to retirement.

RT @SeanKeeler: Ferentz: Most key battles are at OL first - then at kicker.

RT @VoiceoftheHawks: James morris: in 1 day he sure looked good. Impresive young guy. Realistic he could be in mix.

RT @Andy_Hamilton: KF: John Wienke probably improved as much as anybody on team this spring.

RT @Andy_Hamilton: KF on RBs: Right now I'd handicap it as a pretty even race.

RT @HawkeyeNation: Reiff and Vandervelde 300 Gettis 280 and Z 295

RT @Andy_Hamilton: KF: Jewel is completely healthy.

RT @VoiceoftheHawks: KF: Best depth ever in return game. Will sort out over next month. Optimistic.

RT @marcmorehouse: JD Griggs is gone.

RT @VoiceoftheHawks: KF continues to name drop Zusevics. Put him on your radar now.

Sean Keeler grabbed this picture of Brandon Wegher:

the Hawkeye Nerd took these shots of Clayborn and Sash

Iowa Hawkeye Football Media Day | Hawkeyes are #10

First, you can head to to catch Coach Ferentz live today at 1:30. Ferentz will be meeting with the media from the press box at Kinnick.

Also from HawkeyeSports, they have announced that "Kids" day for the fans will be held on August 14th at 11 am. This big kid will be at the open practice and I will hopefully have a breakdown plus pictures and video.

Iowa opens the season as the number 10 rated football team in the preseason coaches poll. The Big Ten gets four teams in the top 15 and Ohio State and Iowa both fit in the top 10.

Hawkeye Sports also announced this morning that all Hawkeye home games have sold out. They also have a piece on senior Karl Klug.

It appears that HawkeyeFootball is going to expand on it's online presence, at least on Twitter. Last night we got to see this picture from camp.

FightforIowa is telling what to watch this fall camp.

The Des Moines Register has 10 questions that will be asked today.

Adam Rittenberg, of, has fan responses to his Big Ten house of pain.

Much, much more to come, you can follow updates on the Football forum throughout the day.

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Thursday Afternoon Hawkeye News, Links, Chatter

First, a couple of pics thanks to the Twitter feed:

First, beware, it's a Tarp! (thanks the hawklax)

Second, Ricky Stanzi really is on the regional cover of SI. (thanks bvak)

Okay, now to the links,

There is now an ***Official*** Twitter page for Hawkeye Lounge, you can follow it here.

Marc Morehouse, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, offers up a very good piece on Iowa's defensive star and his mother in: Close to it all

If you wanted a sneak peak to what Tony Moeaki looks like in action in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform, check this YouTube vid out:

Speaking of Hawks in the NFL, the Des Moines Register writes that Former Hawkeye Robert Gallery hopes to stay healthy.

Also, from the Register, there is an early look at upcoming opponent Wisconsin.

Over at Black Heart Gold Pants, they are asking How Do We View The 2009 Hawkeyes... And What Does It Mean for 2010?

Scott Dochterman, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, says that Iowa AD ‘very, very comfortable’ with 12-school Big Ten.

The Clinton Herald reports that there is No looking back or ahead for Hawkeyes.

Teddy Greenstein, of Chicago Breaking Sports, writes that the Big Ten divisions are taking shape.

and finally, the Big Ten has made a selection for its Big Ten Championship game. The Cedar Rapids Gazette says it is Indianapolis.

So there I was, minding my own business…(V4)

By: THE NoLookPass (Special contributor to

cause that's how I roll. It's the late 70s, Ive got my drivers license and I'm living the dream at 16. The drinking age is 18 which means if you are 15 in Dubuque's North end, keep your mouth shut and leave when the fights start before the cops come, you can get served in most the neighborhood bars.

We spend our summer playing baseball for the mighty Mustangs and then sneaking over to the apartment complex across the street on Pennsylvania to swim in the pool. A couple times after games we actually go to bars in East Dubuque in our uniforms and they serve us.

We listen to The Steve Miller band, the Doobie Brothers, Frampton and Boston. There's a lot of fighting but my crew mostly avoids fights. Wine, women and song.

We play lot of dealers choice poker and one of the dudes who runs with us is nicknamed "Fry." Frys a little dude with thick glasses an he has little redeeming value other than he always loses money to us in poker and hes willing to suck on the garden hose we use when we siphon gas.

We are out off Peru Road getting some free gas and the porch light comes on. Fry swallows a mouth of gas when we get startled and we boogie off into the night.

We are driving my 1969 Impala, cherry ride. I look in the rear view and Fry is turning colors, hes really sick. The guys panic and insist i take him to the ER. Thinking fast, I decide to dump him off at his house so we don't have to tell the nurses how he swallowed gas.

He gets rolled out onto the front yard of his house and he's sick for 3 days.

Crazy thing was, he got damned near 15 miles to the gallon!

We did all kinds of stuff that would have caused me to send my kid to military school had he duplicated them. None of us get killed, the Stangs win the state tournament (no thanks to me) and later that summer, I trot off to MCRD for boot camp.

Bobby gets married the week before me but that ends when he knocks up a stripper. A couple years ago at 45, he marred a 25 year old. Larry dies in a crash a few years later and I'm the first cop on the scene. I get to go to the Ground Round and tell his sister the news. Its funny how small of a world it is.

I gotta go, my Rottweiler is growling like theres a Charlie in the wire!

Which Incoming Frosh has the Chance at PT | Plus Hawkeye Links

It's official, the Freshman have reported for camp. I thought I would take a look at which of the 2010 class have a shot at getting some playing time this fall.

Let's start with everyone's obvious choice: C.J. Fiedorowicz

C.J. was Iowa's highest rated incoming recruit. He comes in at 6'7" 250 pounds from Johnsburg, Illinois. He received four stars from Rivals and was an ESPN top 150 recruit. He made the Chicago media's all-conference teams and participated in the U.S. Army All-America game.

Here is a quick video from YouTube:

The Hawkeyes have senior Allen Reisner at the top of the tight end depth chart. Beyond Reisner it gets a little thin with proven talent. Brad Herman is currently number two behind Reisner. Beyond Herman you have J.D. Griggs, Dakota Getz, Zach Derby, and Zach Furlong.

My limited observations from open practices and previous games leads me to believe C.J. could start as the number two tight end as soon as the EIU game. I'll predict he doesn't make the depth chart right away but splits time with Herman as he starts out with specific two tight end packages. If C.J. can prove he can block at the division I level he may be number two behind Reisner by seasons end.

Up next: Mike Hardy, Donavan Johnson, or Carl Davis

Okay, I know, what!?! Why the defensive line?

Well, because you have three seniors starting on the defensive line. Behind those seniors are unproven talent like Steve Bigach, Thomas Nardo, and Joe Forgy. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking those guys, but I think there could be a chance for mop-up time for a true freshman. Mostly, to get a little seasoning before the 2011 team needs to fill three holes.

I think the real possibility for PT comes at the back-up defensive tackle position. Carl Davis comes in at 6'5" 295 pounds. Certainly he has the size to make an impact.

Mike Hardy is listed as a defensive end, so perhaps he doesn't see the field for a year or two. He does have the size for Big Ten football. He is listed at 6'5" 270 pounds. Hardy was named the defensive player of the year in Wisconsin and was considered by some as that states top defensive recruit in 2010.

Donavan Johnson may be more of a reach here but he is a 2010 defensive tackle recruit, hence getting a mention. Johnson comes to Iowa at 6'3" 265 pounds from Arlington, Texas. He may need to add a few pounds and could benefit from a redshirt season.

Up next, Marcus Coker.

Probably the second most heralded recruit. Or third behind QB to LB to QB recruit A.J. Derby. The running back position doesn't have an immediate opening for playing time but as we know there could be injuries that open doors. Last season, Brad Rogers was seconds away from losing his redshirt and toting the rock against Ohio State.

The depth chart currently has Adam Robinson, Jewel Hampton, Brandon Wegher, Brad Rodgers, and Paki O'meara ahead of Coker. I think you can place him ahead of Paki talent wise and I also think Rodgers makes the move to fullback. If that happens Coker suddenly is around number four on the depth chart. Now an injury or two and he may be forced into action. Let's hope though that if there is a lateral move up it's due to talent and not attrition.

Coker has the size, he comes to Iowa at 6' 230 pounds. He was offensive MVP of the Maryland district area and racked up almost 1700 yards as a senior. One other thing to note, Coker plans to study Astrophysics at Iowa. No doubt learning the playbook shouldn't be a problem.

Here is a quick YouTube of a Coker 80 yard TD.

As for a few others, we could possibly see Christian Kirksey or Anthony Hitchens grab some PT at the safety position. For the same reasons I mentioned for the DLine. Behind senior Greenwood is a pair of walk-ons, Tom Donatell and Nick Nielson. If someone is take over for Greenwood in 2011 the coaching staff might want to get them some time, at least on special teams.

Now, on to Hawkeye Links,

The Polk County I-Club was recognized as the top I-Club of the year. My former employer (from way back when) Stew Hansen was named Hawk of the Year. Good for him, Stew loves the Hawks.

FightforIowa blog notes that after the Big Ten Media days it appears that Nebraska is in while Iowa State may be out.

Black Heart Gold Pants offers more from the Big Ten Media Days, Cornshoe Goes to the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon.

Kirk Ferentz met with Hawkeye Insider's Rob Howe at the Big Ten Media Day:

The Hawkeyes loss to UCLA makes Adam Rittenberg's Big Ten's most painful losses list.

The Omaha World Herald says that Hawkeyes' Klug growing, and so is his impact on opponents.

Mike Hlas, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, said that the composite polls showed Iowa around 13th. Today he has a correction. He says make it number seven.

The Toledo Blade reports that the Catbird seat suits Big Ten coaches.

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Wednesday Evening Hawkeye Links That Actually Open in a New Window

Okay, so I think I have that figured out. I won't bore you with the details. Let's say we are learning on the fly.

Hawkeye Insider Rob Howe posted his interview with Ricky Stanzi from Big Ten Media day. Here is the YouTube:

From Twitter today:

RT @HawkeyeFootball: Freshmen have all reported and camp is officially underway!

RT @marcmorehouse: Saw Tyler Sash today. Head is shaved. Scowl is on. I think he wants to play football.

RT: @IA_Barnstormers 6-5 guard Josh Oglesby narrows his list to Arizona St, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

@HawkeyeCoachEJ: Just had lunch at the Marriott w/ our Freshmen & their parents. Beautiful hotel for players to stay during two-a-days.

RT @Andy_Hamilton: KF on OL: "If all the stars align we’ll have a chance to not only have a good front line but hopefully a healthy 8, 9-(man) situation."

RT @NFLFilms: Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the New York Jets will premiere one week from today at 10PM on HBO.

The Des Moines Register reports that Ferentz was voted most popular by Big Ten Players. This was also reported yesterday. Also in the link, Adrian Clayborn won/tied in the voting for Big Ten's most exciting defender.

Today was Iowa State football's media day. It was reported that safety David Sims will receive a suspension for the opening game this season. Black Heart Gold Pants thinks that sounds familiar.

Also from BHGP there is a pretty solid break down of upcoming opponent Michigan. This is part two which includes a link to part one if you missed it.

Andrew Logue, of the Des Moines Register, also breaks down Michigan.

Mike Hlas, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, says So far, Iowa is No. 13 in composite preseason rankings.

There are a couple of new articles up on Rivalry Esq. First, they discuss a nine game Big Ten conference schedule. Second, they explain why no Big Ten player will win the Heisman in 2010.

Iowa State QB Austen Arnaud can't imagine a world where Hawkeyes don't play Cyclones.

Oh, hey! If you live in the Des Moines area and are interested in heading to Chicago to see the Hawkeyes take on the Northwestern Wildcats, check out this thread on HawkeyeLounge. You can take the Mega Bus and apparently it's Mega cheap.

and finally,

The Cedar Rapids Gazette believes that the Big Ten Network has exceeded expectations.

A Look at Recruiting | Hawkeye News, Links, and Chatter

First, I thought I would take a second to take a look at the current list of 2011 football verbal commitments. Yesterday, the Hawks received a commitment from Torrey Campbell, a running back from Naples, Florida. That brings the current list of verbals to 12. What I find to be the most interesting is where the recruits are coming from.

If you didn't think a BCS game victory like the Orange Bowl last season would help recruiting may these lists will persuade you. The Hawks have two commits from Iowa, two from Massachusetts, two from Florida, and recruits from Nebraska, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and Illinois.

Perhaps it is the benefit of the Big Ten Network and not just the Orange Bowl win, or both. The footprint here is the Big Ten region with Texas and Florida sprinkled in.

For comparison, the incoming class of 2010 break down geographically like this:

Iowa - 5
Maryland - 3
Michigan - 3
Ohio - 3
Illinois - 2
Missouri - 2
Texas - 1
Florida - 1
Wisconsin -1
Australia - 1

So maybe it isn't all that different from 2010, only time will tell. But the 2010 class was considered the best for Ferentz and company since 2005.  For one final comparison, let's take a look at the 2009 class:

Iowa - 9
Illinois - 3
Ohio - 3
Connecticut - 1
New Jersey - 1
Massachusetts - 1
Florida - 1
Maryland - 1

Interesting note there, four of the players not from Iowa or Illinois are no longer with the team.

Now, there are obviously more variables than just BCS games and the BTN. The Hawks juggled around their recruiting coaching staff. Additions like Coach Campbell have helped land wide receiver recruits. Plus you have the winning of football games, especially games played on a National broadcast. But, it's not an exact science, just my observation.

Hawkeye links,

A good place to start would be with Adam Rittenberg's What we learned from Big Ten media days.

Scott Dochterman, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, says that the  Loss to Hawkeyes helped Wisconsin QB grow.

John Kampf, of Ohio's News Herald, says that Ricky Stanzi is the leader now.

More on Stanzi for the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Face of the Hawkeyes is Ohio grown.

The Minnesota Daily says Gopher Coach Tim Brewster hopes to keep the rivalry with both Wisconsin and Iowa alive.

What are the biggest strengths and weaknesses of the Arizona Wildcats? Wildcat Sports Report has a fall camp preview.

David Dorsey, of the Fort Meyers News Press, states that Hawkeye commit Torrey Campbell had a lot of offers but choose Iowa.

The Herald Bulletin says Colt Brackett is taking rookie Pat Angerer under his wing.

The Des Moines Register's Sean Keeler believes Iowa vs. Nebraska would be great end to regular season

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Big Ten Media Day 2 | Hawkeye Information Overload

Do you want to weigh in on the Big Ten? You can, click right here.

Black Heart Gold Pants wants to know which Big Ten Coach you would play for. Okay, maybe not you, but the question was asked of players today.

ESPN's Adam Rittenberg is wrapping up Day 2 in his updating notebook.

Sean Keeler wins the longest title award today with this article: Big Ten Media Days, Day 3.2: Post-1993 standings confirm that Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State in one division is a bad idea

From the Des Moines Register: Iowa football: Big Ten defenses leery of veteran quarterbacks

From the Sun Sentinel:  Dolphins confirm rookie A.J. Edds lost for the season

Also, former Hawk Ladell Betts sets up two visits.

Scott Dochterman explains why the  Iowa/Iowa State Series Could Face Road Blocks with Expanded Big Ten Schedule.

The AP Wire says that: Huskers the buzz of Big Ten with a year to go

Hawkeye Nation has a Q&A with Adrian Clayborn.

Hawkeye Sports posted a slide show with photos from today's luncheon.

The Daily Iowan has a Big Ten notebook: Rowdy Kinnick, Ohio State's "Hell Week," Clay's weight

Marc Morehouse offers this piece on Adrian Clayborn: Cost of celebrity

He also says that A.J. Derby a Hawkeye quarterback – for now

Mike Hlas writes that the Big Ten’s reigning Defensive Player of the Year tips his helmet to Ricky Stanzi

And he has his Last snippets from Big Ten Media Day before I hit the Stevenson, Dan Ryan and Eisenhower Expressways

Twitter chatter:

RT @marcmorehouse: Ferentz on social media: "If I could ban all of it, I probably would. I know that's not realistic."

RT @dennisdoddcbs: Loved talking to iowa's adrian clayborn today at big ten media days.

RT @marcmorehouse: Just did the podcast. On 88. Driving 70 mph. World's most dangerous podcast. Hopefully, it'll be up on blogs and iTunes later tonight.

RT @bvak: JoePa just called the Big 10 media days a gathering of goombahs.

RT @bvak: One hour into the luncheon and JoePa hasn't left to pee once!

RT @CoachWalt_W Grades and God willing Iowa is where its at for Macari Brooks...
Speaking of Brooks, here is his YouTube clip:

and then this:

@RossWB on Brooks vid: "I'm glad he's used to playing in an empty stadium."

RB/DB Torrey Campbell Commit's to the Hawkeyes

Torrey Campbell has committed to the Iowa Hawkeye football team, per the Fort Meyers News Press. It was also reported by Marco (They have photos).

Campbell is a 5'11", 175 pound running back from Naples, Florida. Per, Campbell had high interest in Duke, Iowa, Maryland, and South Florida. He also had offers from Kansas, Boston College, and Louisville.

ESPN Recruiting lists Campbell as a running back and gives him a scout score of 78. He is listed with three stars.

Campbell has his own page at the national underclassman dot com where he lists some of his personal bests. He boasts 4.32 forty yard dash and a 36 inch vertical. He also has a 3.0 GPA and scored a 25 on his ACT.

He has a couple YouTube videos as a running back, here you can see him in action:

Big Ten Media Day 2 | Best of Twitter

Pics, Vids, jokes, interviews...

Let's take a look at what is what today.

ESPN has posted a video with Iowa DT Karl Klug.

So has's Brendan Stiles:

Stiles also interviews Adrian Clayborn and Ricky Stanzi on his site.

The Des Moines Register has a Big Ten meeetings, Day 2 blog post.

The Iowa City Press Citizen says Tom Osborne rooting for Hawk rivalry. has an audio interview with Ferentz.

Scott Dochterman has Photos: Bobbleheads of Steve Alford, B.J. Armstrong the rage in Chicago.

Stewart Mandel, of Sports Illustrated, says Legends Osborne, Paterno key to ushering in next Big Ten era.

Hawkeye fan bvak posted several pics from today:

More from Twitter:

Marc Morehouse has videos up on his blog. Stanzi, Clayborn, Klug, and KF are all there.

More Pics of Clayborn:

Random Twitter chatter:

RT @VoiceoftheHawks: Clayborn talked about his hoops career. Reporter: Can you dunk? "I'm not that fat!"

RT @HawkeyeInsider: Coach Ferentz said Iowa is done with recruiting QBs in the 2011 class.

RT @HS_BHGP: I've heard that Tate Forcier is transferring to Iowa. #StuffHawkeyeInsiderWouldTweet

annnnnd there will be lot's more. I'll have another post later today.

Big Ten Media Day 2 | Morning Hawkeye Links

 Guess who is on the Sports Illustrated regional Big Ten Preview....

That's right, USA #1 Ricky Stanzi, Love it or Leave it.

Things are just kicking off in Chicago. For openers, Kirk Ferentz shows off his sense of humor. Per Twitter:

RT @HawkeyeInsider: Coach Ferentz just asked reporters if Norm Parker posted on his facebook page that he's retiring.

also, via the Twitter:

RT @VoiceoftheHawks: kf clearly not a fan of playing arizona on road this year. But game makes sense bc of IA connection.

RT @VoiceoftheHawks: Ferentz still haunted by 06 season. Hope it was rock bottom.

RT @VoiceoftheHawks: KF: Strong sr class will help share experiences w/ younger guys in regard to managing high expectations.

The Des Moines Register offers pictures from Media Day.

The Big Red Network says Big 10 Media Days Offer Clues to Conference Alignment.

Bleacher Reports resident Hawkeye Nerd takes a look at Iowa's Two-deeps.

The MSU State News says Media Days bring about anticipation.

Whoa, hey, let's not skip this bit of news: University of Iowa moves up in the party school rankings.

The Des Moines Register says Tom Osborne: Nebraska fans want Iowa on football schedule

The most trusted media source in Northwest Indiana writes: Big Ten coaches happy about Nebraska's arrival

The Des Moines Register's Sean Keeler writes that Adrian Clayborn clarifies: He really, really respects ISU, UNI

The local media folks are meeting with Ferentz and the players this morning. That means there will be plenty more to come. I'll have links to their work later in the day. Go Hawks!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Big Ten Media Day | Day 1 Final Look

Day one is in the books and there are probably more links than you can read in a day. Some of it is redundant but I tried to find different perspectives. Enjoy!

The Ozone has Media Day nuggets from all of the Coaches.

PennLive has this story up: Big Ten football roundup: Preseason favorite Ohio State is at schedule disadvantage to Iowa, Wisconsin

The Draft Board Insider has Iowa's DLine as one of the best in college football.

Marc Morehouse, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, offers this: Iowa-Sconnie hanging in there — for now. Marc says the most interesting news is the conference going to nine conference games. Could that mean the end for the Iowa vs. Iowa State series? How about Iowa vs. Wisconsin?

A Penn State beat writer at The Times Leader has a Big Ten Media Days recap.

John Bohnenkamp, of the Burlington Hawk Eye, offers his observations from Big Ten Media Day.

From, Delany talks title game; no name change

From Mike Hlas, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Hlas column: Big Ten has more changes in store, but none involving Notre Dame.

Brendan Stiles, of, has this up: 2010 Big Ten Media Days: Day One observations

Brent Yarina, of the Big Ten Network, has this: Recapping Day 1 of the Big Ten football media days in Chicago

He also has this video with Ricky Stanzi:

Jon Miller, of Hawkeye Nation, says: Delaney Brings the Heat

Scott Dochterman, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, has this story: Situations change for league, but Big Ten brand remains strong

Andrew Logue, of the Des Moines Register, says Commissioner Jim Delany prefers nine Big Ten games

The Black Shoe Diaries has a Day 1 recap for Penn State.

From the AP Newswire, Nebraska AD says the Move to Big Ten about stability.

Yahoo Sports says the slow, prodding Big Ten won’t take backseat.

From Bucky's 5th Quarter: Delany: We're 'not turning our back on expansion'

Ohio State at Iowa is one of the Five games that matter most, according to the LA Times.

Jon Miller, of Hawkeye Nation, has this Hawkeye Focus from Chicago.

Big Ten Media Day | Afternoon Hawkeye Link Dump

I don't have a lot of time so I'm going to save the lead-in sentences and just link dump.

DM Register: Big Ten Media Days, Day 2.1: Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz says Parker retiring is news to him, plus offers takes on suspensions, expansion, realignment, and Twitter

ESPN: Paterno thinks BT still could move East

BTN: Kirk Ferentz Video replay from Big Ten Media Day

CID Dochterman: Big Ten Media Days: Commissioner Jim Delany says league will keep name

CID Morehouse tweeted pictures:

CID Morehouse: Quickie Ferentz

From Twitter: @BTNStatsGuy: #Iowa has allowed 34 touchdowns from scrimmage over the last 2 seasons. That's the fewest by any FBS team in this span.

Hawkeye Nation: Ferentz Meets the Nation

Twitter: RT @ESPN_BigTen: Ferentz also said defensive coordinator Norm Parker will coach the entire season from the press box, much like he did last last fall.

RT @ESPN_BigTen: Ferentz on Arizona game: "I don’t think the heat’s as big a factor as the time zone. I’m not wild about West Coast trips during the season."

That's all I have time for now, check later tonight and I will have one final link post before the day is through.

Big Ten Media Day is Here | Hawkeye Links

I am going to try an updating blog. I'll be updating this throughout the morning, probably until 1 pm cst. Tonight I'll have one post that will include the rest of the days news/links.

Here we go,

The media guide 2 deeps are out:


QB –Ricky Stanzi /James Vandenberg
RB — Adam Robinson /Brandon Wegher /Jewel Hampton
FB — Brett Morse /Wade Leppert
SE — Derrell Johnson-Koulianos or Colin Sandeman
LT — Riley Reiff /Matt Tobin
LG — Julian Vandervelde /Woody Orne
C — Josh Koeppel  or James Ferentz /Conor Boffeli
RG — Adam Gettis /Cody Hundertmark
RT — Markus Zusevics /Brett Van Sloten
TE — Allen Reisner /Brad Herman
WR — Marvin McNutt /Keenan Davis
PK — Daniel Murray or Trent Mossbrucker


DE — Adrian Clayborn /Lebron Daniel
DT — Karl Klug /Thomas Nardo
DT — Christian Ballard /Mike Daniels
DE — Broderick Binns /Joe Forgy
OLB — Tyler Nielsen /Ross Petersen
MLB — Jeff Tarpinian /Bruce Davis
WLB — Jeremiha Hunter /Troy Johnson
LC — Shaun Prater /Greg Castillo
FS — Brett Greenwood/Kyle Steinbrecher/ Jack Swanson
SS — Tyler Sash /Tom Donatell/Nick Nielsen
RC — Micah Hyde/ Jordan Bernstine
P — Ryan Donahue/Eric Guthrie

The Rivalry Esq. posted a Big Ten Media Days 2010 Primer.

 Mike Hlas, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, posted Live from Chicago — it’s Big Ten Media Day live streaming!

Safety Tyler Sash was named to the Jim Thorpe Award watch list.

From Andrew Logue, of the Des Moines Register, Big Ten media days, Day 1.

ESPN Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg has a Big Ten Media Primer on his blog.

ESPN reports the media has picked Ohio State to win another Big Ten title.

Black Heart Gold Pants hopes you packed a cooler.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette is running live blogs, you can follow them here.

You can watch live on the if you are at work.

Tweet from Rob Howe, of Hawkeye Insider, RT @HawkeyeInsider: From what I'm Hearing, #Iowa Def-Co Norm Parker Will Retire Following the 2010 Season. #Hawkeyes

Matt Perault, of KXNO, tweeted RT @sportstalkmatt: One of the many Neb. peeps saying this RT @Sean_Callahan Very impressed so far with the #BigTen Media Days here in Chi. First class event

More from Twitter: RT @VoiceoftheHawks: Coach Ferentz will be speaking with Iowa media members at 12:15 today in addition to his league-wide podium time.

thanks to Hawkeye State of BHGP

Another Pic, Bielema ready for Media Day

Think Zook's Speedo matches his tie?

Is Norm Parker — Iowa’s beloved defensive coordinator — saying good-bye after the 2010 season?

Marc Morehouse offers this: Herbie on DJK: ‘Just being an athlete’

Ferentz speaks at 12:15, here are the Twitter updates:

@HawkeyeNation: Hampton and binns one game suspensions

@HawkeyeNation: Kirk doesn't expect academic casualties

RT @marcmorehouse: Academics OK. Ross Petersen torn pec.

RT @thebstiles: Hampton & Binns — one game. No suspension for Bernstine.

RT @BHGP: Norm's not retiring, Derby's still a QB. Thanks to @marcmorehouse, and we will never again listen to @HawkeyeInsider.

RT @marcmorehouse: Derby still a QB.

RT @marcmorehouse: Add Boffeli and MacMillan to the contenders on OL.

RT @Andy_Hamilton: KF: Strength of FB team is d-line. Considers Mike Daniels a starter as well as the regular four.

RT @Andy_Hamilton: KF on Clayborn: One of the better players we've had in the last decade.

Okay, that's all for now, gotta head to my pesky part time job. I'll have new posts later today and this evening.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Night | Tons of Hawkeye Links

First, before the Media Day stuff, Brendan Stiles of Hawkeye Drive recorded Coach Ferentz at the I-Club Golden Harvest. Here is the video from YouTube;

Second, the Big Ten Network and ESPN News will be broadcasting from Chicago for four hours tomorrow. TV listings show programming from 10 am to 2 pm CST. Ferentz will take the podium around 12:45 CST.


Marc Morehouse, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, is there. He has a primer for readers tonight.

Jon Miller, of, is also there. He posted this video from Chicago tonight.

Altoona Mirror writer Cory Giger's top 3 are OSU, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

The Des Moines Register's Sean Keeler believes that the Big Ten and Nebraska should make a perfect match.

Also from the Des Moines Register, Andrew Logue takes a look at the key issues.

Teddy Greenstein, of the Chicago Tribune, believes Expansion likely to dominate discussions in Chicago.

Tom Shatel, of the Omaha World Herald, wants a Nebraska-Penn State game to end the season.

From's Mark Snyder, Wisconsin' Barry Alvarez: Big Ten may look east to add another school.

The Sun Times says that division alignment, championship game site, more expansion, and the new Big Ten name are issues for this week.

Bob Asmussen, IlliniHQ has submitted his Top 25 ballot. He has the Hawks at #8.

Although not yet offering a vote for Big Ten predictions, Steve Sipple, of Journal Star submitted his AP top 25. He has Nebraska #6 and the Hawks #12.

The Sioux City Journal writes that Hawkeyes' Brett Greenwood proves mettle as leader. Pretty nice write-up for the Senior.
Mike Hlas offers up some more of his interview with Derrell Johnson- Koulianous. If you missed the first part offered yesterday, check my Saturday post for the link.
and finally,
Cory Giger, again from the Altoona Mirror, wants Penn State and Iowa in the same division.

PSD's Big Ten Predictions

Here we go. With the Big Ten Media Days set to begin tomorrow predictions are rolling out. Brendan Stiles tweeted last evening that Kirk Ferentz mentioned at an I-Club meeting that the media will predict Iowa to finish 2nd to Ohio State this season. ESPN blogger Adam Rittenberg also tweeted this morning that his top three are Ohio State, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Rittenberg also picked Greg Jones, MSU, as his defensive POY. His offensive POY is John Clay of Wisconsin.

So here we go...

1. Iowa Hawkeyes 11-1 overall 7-1 conference *
t1. Ohio State 11-1 overall 7-1 conference
3. Wisconsin 10-2 overall 6-2 conference
4. Northwestern 9-3 overall 5-3 conference
4t. Penn State 8-4 overall 5-3 conference
4t. Michigan 8-4 overall 5-3 conference
7. Michigan State 7-5 overall 3-5 conference
7t. Purdue 6-6 overall 3-5 conference
9. Illinois 4-8 overall 2-6 conference
10. Indiana 4-8 overall 1-7 conference
11. Minnesota 3-9 overall 0-8 conference

Call me a homer if you want but I'm taking the Hawkeyes to win the Big Ten. I have Iowa dropping a game on the road in Michigan but winning the title by virtue of beating Ohio State at home.

I forecast Purdue to beat Indiana on the final week to become bowl eligible. My magic eight ball tells me that the Zooker beats Minnesota but both coaches get the axe at seasons end.

My Big Ten offensive player of the year is John Clay.

My Big Ten defensive player of the year is Greg Jones.

Yeah I know, same as Rittenberg but it's hard to pick against Clay and that offensive line. I think Wisconsin lines up and runs over the lesser opponents on their schedule leading to big yards. I would love to take Clayborn but Jones plays in space and Adrian will see double teams all season. If the double teams don't work opponents will run away from AC. With Jones playing in space I think he racks up the stats. Plus the dude is a beast.

For the record, here are my predictions prior to last season:

Penn State 11-1  (7-1)
Illinois 11-1 (7-1)
Iowa 10-2 (6-2)
Ohio State 9-3 (6-2 )
Northwestern 8-4 (4-4 )
Michigan State 6-6 (4-4)
Michigan 6-6 (3-5
Wisconsin 6-6 (3-5)
Indiana 3-9 (1-7)
Minnesota 3-9 (1-7)
Purdue 2-10 (0-8)

and here are the actual standings:

Ohio State 11-2 (7-1)
Iowa 11-2 (6-2)
Penn State 11-2 (6-2)
Wisconsin 10-3 (5-3)
Northwestern 8-5 (5-3)
Michigan State 6-7 (4-4)
Purdue 5-7 (4-4)
Minnesota 6-7 (3-5)
Illinois 3-9 (2-6)
Michigan 5-7 (1-7)
Indiana 4-8 (1-7)

I know, Illinois. What was I thinking? Never again. Any-who, it's all in fun. Feel free to leave your predictions in the comment section or on and we can revisit this later in the year.

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