Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Eric Guthrie and Jonny Mullings

Who are they? Guthrie and Mullings are one and two on the Hawkeye football Spring depth chart at the punter position. The Hawkeyes lost Ryan Donahue, an NFL bound punter, to graduation. Which will win the battle to replace Donahue's career 41.9 yard per punt average?

Number one on the depth chart is senior Eric Guthrie. Guthrie, a Nevada, Iowa native, will certainly stand out on the field. He is an unusual, for a punter, 6'6" 245 pounds. Guthrie has one career punt for 32 yards. That came in 2010 against Iowa State in a 35-7 rout.

Ferentz was asked about Guthrie at the Spring press conference, he had this to say:
"If you would have told me he was a candidate four years ago, I would have told you he’s a nice young man, extremely intelligent, I think he’s a presidential candidate, but candidate for this job, I probably would have said probably not. That’s the neat thing about college football. Last year he really did a good job. I think he’ll do a real nice job. He’s extremely conscientious. Kind of like Casey Kreiter, not quite the same age. He worked on it, and when he got called on at Minnesota, he did a great job."
Battling Guthrie is redshirt freshman Jonny Mullings. The Aussie born YouTube sensation enrolled at Ottumwa High School in Iowa before joining the Hawkeyes. He was part of the 2010 recruiting class as a grayshirt. Rivals recruiting service listed Mullings as a two-star recruit.

Mullings is still relatively new to American football. Before living in Iowa Mullings was earning All-State honors and MVP honors playing rugby abroad. He amazed people with 83 and even 100 yard punts at Ottumwa and impressed others with YouTube videos showing five second hang times and booming kicks. He removed the videos but sent Marc Morehouse some pictures.

Like Guthrie, Mullings is a big guy. Big for a punter. He stands 6'4", 200 pounds. Hopeully the staff gets them both some snaps under center. Then maybe we can see at least one punt formation audible to a sneak in a very short yardage situation. I think a 6'6" Guthrie can fall ahead for one yard. Maybe even add a rugby style punt. No, nevermind. I'm a purist and hate that.

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