Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hawkeye Football | Iowa Offensive Lineman Dan Heiar Lucky to Be Alive

Some more information emerged on a Rivals message board today about the one car accident that involved new Hawkeye Dan Heiar. Heiar was hospitalized Sunday morning after losing control of his vehicle. A family friend of the Heiars passed some information through email that has made its way to message boards. Typically I take message board talk with a grain of salt but am told that this information is solid and we should all certainly keep Dan Heiar and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

"Dan Heiar was in a one-vehicle accident on Sunday morning and he is in intensive care in Iowa City. He is lucky to be alive! Lost control as he was returning to Iowa City and another vehicle saw him roll his truck and was able to call 911 right away and it took about an hour to get him out of his truck. He dislocated his hip and wrist but luckily no head injury or spine problems! He did suffer internal injuries, broken ribs and bruised organs and he is in intensive care. Since he is stable they are putting off surgery due to damage to his diaphragm. His mom and family are grateful he is as good as he is... please keep him in your prayers."

Heiar is a member of the 2011 Hawkeye recruiting class. The 280 pound offensive lineman is a native of Charlotte, Iowa and played two years at Iowa Western Community College. After Heiar committed to Iowa he told Ryan Suchomel, of Hawk Central, “I’d dreamed about being a Hawkeye, running out of the tunnel at Kinnick Stadium, I grew up as a Hawkeye fan. I told myself if I ever got the chance to play for them, I would. I wouldn’t pass it up.”

UPDATE: 4/13/2011 2:29 PM CST

Marc Morehouse, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, spoke with Iowa State Patrol Trooper Matt Costello. Here is the story:

Details released on Iowa lineman’s Interstate 80 crash


  1. Glad to hear he is ok! I'm the one who called 911 after witnessing the horrific accident. Dan is very lucky and blessed to be alive today.

  2. He is indeed lucky to be alive. As a known athlete, I'm quite confident that he's covered medically.


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