Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hawkeye Football | Wayback Machine | 2004 #9 Wisconsin at #17 Iowa

Our friend, the Hawkeye Historian (on YouTube), did a wonderful job with today's highlight video capturing the build up just before kickoff. Ohio State surprised everyone that day in November when they knocked off #7 rated Michigan. The OSU/Michigan game was decided in the fourth quarter and those of us at Kinnick knew exactly what a win over Wisconsin would mean. A co-Big Ten title for the Hawkeyes.

This is probably my all-time favorite game to have been in attendance. I recall leaving my seat to get down on the field as the clock hit four minutes or so in the fourth quarter. I stood at the edge of the North end zone waiting for the game to end. I also remember rushing the field too soon, there was a penalty or something that stopped the clock and I had to stop around the goal line and head back to wait for 0:00.

The 2004 Hawkeyes were lead by a stingy defense and gutsy quarterback Drew Tate. It was one of Ferentz and O'keefe's finest coaching seasons. They lost nearly every running back on the roster and settled on passing practically every play.

Awesome video, even better memories. Enjoy.

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