Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hawkeye Basketball | Anthony Hubbard to Wichita State?

Former Hawkeye basketball player Anthony Hubbard may have found a new home. Per Collegiate Hoops Hubbard will head to Wichita State. If you recall, Hubbard stated in his press conference discussing his departure from Iowa that he wanted to move closer to home. Home, of course, was Virginia.

This destination may not be totally surprising. On July 17th Rob Howe, of, tweeted:

Hubbard reportedly contacted Nebraska in the days following his departure from Iowa. News emerged that the Cornhuskers would not pursue Hubbard but the destination certainly wasn't "closer to home."

Today, Scott Dochterman, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, spoke with Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta about Hubbard. Barta said there were no special set of rules for Hubbard and that he (Hubbard) wanted "to be closer to home" to be included in his statement about his departure.

Wichita obviously isn't Virginia, or even close really. Perhaps the book is closed, story over.

***Update: 7/29/11 6:28 PM ****

Annnnnd it's not over. A Wichita beat reporter tweets this:


  1. if you guys really want to know the real reason he left it will cost a hefty fee.. 100% accurate


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