Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hawkeye Football | A Look at the New Fall Two-Deeps

Per Brendan Stiles, of, the Hawkeyes have unveiled their new preseason roster and two-deeps.

The new two-deeps look like this:

(1st team, 2nd team)

WR McNutt, Staggs/Shumpert
LT Reiff, Tobin
LG MacMillan, Scherff
C Ferentz, Bofelli
RG Gettis, Orne
RT Zusevics, Van Sloten
TE Herman, Fiedorowicz
QB Vandenberg, Wienke/Derby
WR Davis, Martin-Manley
RB Coker, White
FB Gimm, Rogers

(1st team/2nd team)

DE Daniel, Gaglione
DT Alvis, Bigach/Nardo
DT Daniels, Davis
DE Binns, Forgy/Hardy
OLB Nielsen, Getz
MLB Morris, Davis
OLB Kirksey, Hitchens/DiBona
CB Prater, Bernstine
SS Sleeper, Donatell
FS Hyde, Miller
CB Castillo, Lowery

P Guthrie
PK Meyer
LS Kreiter

For a refresher, here are the Spring two-deeps.

  • McNutt returns as the #1 WR
  • MacMillian is back at LG moving Scherrf to 2nd team
  • Wienke and Derby are now both listed as #2
  • Brad Rogers returns as the #2 FB
  • Gaglione replaces Alvis as #2 DE
  • Alvis is now listed #1 DT
  • Nardo moved from #1 DT to slashed with Bigach
  • Bruce Davis replaces Pryor as the #2 MLB
  • Dibona joines Hitches as the #2 OLB
  • Hyde still #1 FS
  • Miller replaces Swanson as the #2 FS

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