Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hawkeye Football | Tracking Iowa's Undrafted Free Agent Signings

I'll update this post as the day moves on. We currently know where a few Hawkeyes will sign today, some others are still yet to be determined.

Former linebacker Jeremiha Hunter agreed to sign with the New Orleans Saints.

Former linebacker Jeff Tarpinian agreed to sign with the New England Patriots.

Former punter Ryan Donahue agreed to sign with the Detriot Lions.

There are rumors that DJK will agree to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles but nothing confirmed.

Here is a complete list of all undrafted rookie signings, updated as of 6:40 am.

***UPDATE 1: 8:15 AM CST*****

Former tightend Allen Reisner has agreed to sign with the Minnesota Vikings.

***UPDATE 2: 8:56 AM ***

The rumor of Derrell Johnson-Koulianos to the Eagles is true?

***UPDATE 3: 9:31 AM CST*****

Former safety Brett Greenwood will sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

***UPDATE 4: 12:46 PM CST*****

DJK tweets NOT SO FAST on him going to Philly. Well, not those words exactly but he did write that Philly is a rumor. Where he's going is still a mystery.

***UPDATE 5: 1:00 PM CST*****

Former long snapper Andrew Schulz has agreed to sign with the Atlanta Falcons.

***UPDATE 6: 6:40 PM CST*****
Per HawkeyeSports.com DJK is listed as having agreed to sign with the Eagles. As Mike Hlas notes in this tweet:

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