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Hawkeye Football | Comparing the Two-Deeps: Spring, Fall and Opening Day

The newest Hawkeye football two-deeps are out, here they are:


WR Marvin McNutt, Steven Staggs
LT Reilly Reiff, Andrew Donnal
LG 60 Matt Tobin/Brandon Scherff
C James Ferentz,Connor Bofelli
RG Adam Gettis, Woody Orne
RT Marcus Zusevics, Brett Van Sloten
TE Brad Herman, CJ Fiedorowicz/Zach Derby
QB James Vandenberg,  A.J. Derby/John Wienke
WR Keenan Davis, Kevonte Martin-Manley
RB Marcus Coker, Jason White
FB Matt Meyers/Jonathan Gimm


DE Lebron Daniel, Dominic Alvis/Joe Forgy
DT Thomas Nardo/Dominic Alvis, Carl Davis
DT Mike Daniels, Joe Gaglione
DE Broderick Binns, Steve Bigach
OLB Tyler Nielsen, Tom Donatell
MLB James Morris, Bruce Davis
OLB Christian Kirksey, Anthony Hitchens
CB Shaun Prater, Jordan Bernstine
SS Collin Sleeper, Jordan Bernstine
FS Micah Hyde, Tanner Miller
CB Greg Castillo, Micah Hyde


P Eric Guthrie
PK Mike Meyer, Trent Mossbrucker
LS Casey Kreiter

I thought for fun we'd compare them with the previous two-deeps released from Iowa (Spring and Fall camp) and see the evolution of Iowa's 2011 two-deeps. Here are the Spring two-deeps:

WR Steven Staggs, Don Shumpert
LT Reilly Reiff, Matt Tobin
LG Brandon Scherff, Drew Clark
C James Ferentz, Connor Bofelli
RG Adam Gettis, Woody Orne
RT Markus Zusevics, Brett Van Sloten
TE Brad Herman, CJ Fiedorowicz
QB James Vandenberg, John Wienke
WR Keenan Davis, Kevonte Martin-Manley
RB Marcus Coker, Jason White
FB Jonathan Gimm, Jacob Reisen
DE Lebron Daniel, Dominic Alvis
DT Mike Daniels, Cole Heissel
DT Carl Davis, Mike Hardy
DE Broderick Binns, Joe Forgy
OLB Tyler Nielsen, Dakota Getz
MLB James Morris, Terrance Pryor
WLB Christian Kirksey, Anthony Hitchens
LCB Shaun Prater, Jordan Bernstine
SS Collin Sleeper, Tom Donatell
FS Micah Hyde, Jack Swanson
RCB Greg Castillo, BJ Lowery
Special Teams:
P Eric Guthrie, Jonny Mullings
PK Mike Meyer, Trent Mossbrucker
LS  Kreiter

And the two-deeps released prior to Fall camp:


(1st team, 2nd team)

WR McNutt, Staggs/Shumpert
LT Reiff, Tobin
LG MacMillan, Scherff
C Ferentz, Bofelli
RG Gettis, Orne
RT Zusevics, Van Sloten
TE Herman, Fiedorowicz
QB Vandenberg, Wienke/Derby
WR Davis, Martin-Manley
RB Coker, White
FB Gimm, Rogers
(1st team/2nd team)
DE Daniel, Gaglione
DT Alvis, Bigach/Nardo
DT Daniels, Davis
DE Binns, Forgy/Hardy
OLB Nielsen, Getz
MLB Morris, Davis
OLB Kirksey, Hitchens/DiBona
CB Prater, Bernstine
SS Sleeper, Donatell
FS Hyde, Miller
CB Castillo, Lowery
P Guthrie
PK Meyer
LS Kreiter

Okay, so let's look at the changes/differences:

  • McNutt missing from the Spring two-deep was due to an injury rehabbed in the Spring
  • Shumpert is no longer listed in the two-deeps
  • Redshirt freshman Andrew Donnal makes an appearance after Fall camp (2nd string LT)
  • AJ Derby appears to have passed Weinke as the #2 QB, we'll see who's the first off the bench
  • Matt Meyers came out of nowhere to claim the starting FB spot
  • Matt Tobin has moved from the back-up LT to possible starting LG
  • Cole Heissel has given up football to focus on academics
  • BJ Lowery has a broken wrist and is no longer in the two-deeps
  • Tom Donatell moved from back-up safety to back-up OLB
  • Mike Hardy is no longer listed in the two-deeps
  • Gaglione and Alvis appear to have moved from DE to DT, they may be the next men in
  • Thomas Nardo worked his way back into the two-deeps following a Spring injury
  • Dakota Getz, Jacob Reisen, Terrance Pryor and Jack Swanson are no longer in the latest two-deeps
  • Bruce Davis is back and running second string MLB
  • No true freshmen are listed on the latest two-deeps but my guess is 4-8 will play
  • Nolan MacMillan is injured (sports hernia) and no longer in the two-deeps
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