Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best of PSD | Looking Back at Spring and Preseason Predictions

Since we are in dreaded bye week hell I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some of the observations, notes, and predictions I made throughout the Spring and Summer. Now, we are only four games into the season and the Hawkeyes are an evolving football team but I think it's safe to declare some of these things wrong. And maybe look a few things I got right too.

(Note, there is heavy use of "I" in this post and it's perhaps douchey. You've been warned)

Here we go:

I'll start with the Spring Game observations that were posted in this blog post here.

  • Keenan Davis was dramatically improved and I declared him the game/practice MVP...good
  • The DLine lacked depth, I called for possible PT for a true frosh (not gonna happen)
  • Noted the second crop of WR's needed work, no one stood out, including KMM
  • Noted that De'Andre Johnson looked improved. Not enough apparently
Okay, so nothing overally embarrasing there. We'll move on to my true freshman PT predictions.

  • Hey! I had Rodney Coe getting reps this year! Doh!
  • Not freshman related but I did say that we had no reason to worry about the TE's
  • I also picked Krieger-Cobler over Hamilton, it was a rouge pick
  • I did have Nico Law, Lomax and Campbell playing
  • Hey, I did a not-so-fast on Cooper, Raymon and McMinn getting reps
  • I had Alston and Spears getting PT, that was before Spears switched to DE
Not too far off, again no egg on my face. Really.

Here is a post where I discussed the potential problems for Iowa's Dline.

Moving on to Kid's Day observations that took place in August.

  • Hey! I had Darian Cooper playing this year, whoops!
  • I thought maybe both Hillyer and Grant would play this year, 1/2 ain't bad
  • I also said Kevonte Martin-Manley would be a question mark
  • I switched from Krieger-Coble to Hamilton seeing the field. Good guess
  • Called McCall a no-brainer for PT
  • I also picked Canzeri over Bullock for PT, they've both played due to McCall's injury
  • I said the defense was a work in progress and there would be growing pains
Wow, this is turning into the douchiest pat-yourself-on-the-back post ever. Let's continue to season predictions:

Here are my Big Ten predictions.

  • Hey! I had Michigan State 11-1. Don't see that happening now.
  • I gave Minnesota and Indiana four wins each
  • Illinois looks better than 7-5 while OSU looks worse than 9-3
I had Iowa 8-4.

  • Including a 30-10 win over ISU. OUCH!
  • I said the crowd noise in Jack Trice wouldn't hinder the Hawks DOH!
  • I called Pitt Iowa's first test of the season, again DOH!
So that's it, bye week boredoms. Ho-hum.

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