Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hawkeye Football | Tight End Austin Vier's Career is Over

Some sad news emerged on Hawkeye Report yesterday. Redshirt freshman tight end Austin Vier will take a medical hardship at Iowa. Vier, a 6'7" 240 pound native of Huxley, Iowa had yet to play a down at Iowa. His parents sent an email that made its way to the Hawkeye message boards. It reads:

"Hey Hawk Parents,

Kevin and I thought we would share some recent news about Austin with you before the message boards run amuck with rumors and inaccurate information. Russ Haynes (Hawk head trainer) sent Austin back to the spine clinic yesterday to be re-evaluated. In a nut shell, because of his last back operation, genetic stenosis and a possible new back injury, the program has decided to put him on medical hardship. The doctor didn’t throw any punches...he basically said that it is very rare that a player in Austin's situation could ever come back to play at a D1 level, and that as a spine surgeon he has really no choice but to recommend to the program that Austin does not play.

"So how is Oz doing with this?" has been the most frequent question we are asked. At this moment, I think Austin is just ready to get rid of the pain running down his legs. I do have some concerns that once he gets well and pain free, he will again be hungry to play and "game day" will be harder, but we all have things in our lives that we can't control...we can only control how we react to them. I hope that time makes it easier on all of us. :) Kevin, in particular, is reeling a bit, but again, time heals.

So what now? We plan to continue to support the Hawks and tailgate and be merry! Your sons have now become our skin in the game, and we shall live vicariously through them! Oz has made so many friends on the team, and it is our wish that he continue to deepen those relationships even though he is no longer on the field. We also hope the relationships we've made with you great parents will continue to deepen as well.

With some tears, we are looking forward to game day!

Kevin and Shelley"
You gotta feel for Vier and hope that his future is pain free.

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