Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hawkeye Links | Aaron Greving Arrested, Plus More Woodbury

A former Hawkeye runningback is in the news. Aaron Greving was arrested and given a simple domestic abuse charge in Story County. Greving left the Hawkeye football team in 2002 citing injury problems. Greving played for Iowa in 2001 and '02. He had 338 career rushing yards with six touchdowns.

Now, the person every Hawk fan is talking about, Adam Woodbury. Here is his press conference from last night:

How big is Woodbury's verbal commitment to Iowa? ESPN's Paul Biancardi calls Woodbury a "difference maker." Biancardi also notes that McCaffery's 2012 class migh help in "putting the Hawkeyes in the upper echelon of the Big Ten."

Scott Dochterman, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, writes that Woodbury is a "program-changer." Dochterman notes that it was hard for Woodbury to say no to Roy Williams and the Tarheels. Woodbury called it the "toughest decision I’ve ever had in my entire life."

According to Hawk Central, Woodbury says “I grew up a Hawkeye fan. I want to be part of rebuilding the program.” Hawk Central also has a photo gallery of Woodbury in action.

Hoopniks, a basketball recruiting blog, says Hawkeye fans should keep an eye on Indiana's freshman Cody Zeller. Hoopniks says "they aren’t exact matches, there are enough similarities to make it worth fans’ while to track his progress."

The Sioux City Journal reports that Woodbury's 3.8 grade point average made his a ideal prospect for Harvard.

And finally, for a take on Woodbury's skill set, Tony Roe, of, has this post.

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