Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PSD's Twitter Top 25 College Football Poll | Week 4

The votes are in and we have the calculated poll following Week 4 in college football. Here is the link to how each person voted. Here are the notes for the latest poll:

  • For the first time this year there is a new #1 (LSU)
  • Oklahoma received 35 first place votes last week, only 15 this week following a win
  • Oklahoma State moves ahead of Boise State to #6
  • Nebraska is in the Top 10 for the second time this year, the first was week one
  • Oregon is the highest ranked one loss team (#11)
  • Clemson jumped from #20 to #13 after defeating Florida State
  • Florida State fell to #24 after their second loss in a row
  • Michigan moved ahead of Texas (from #21 to #17)
  • Arizona State rejoins the Top 25 as this weeks only previously unranked team
  • USC is the only team to drop from Week 3's poll, they still received 15 votes
  • North Dakota State received one vote after defeating Minnesota
  • There were 51 voters and 44 teams receiving votes, Week 1's poll had 52 voters and 66 teams receiving at least one vote

Others receiving votes:

Houston (82), Iowa State (59), Kansas State (35), Michigan State (35), Utah (17), Auburn (17), USC (15), Texas Tech (11), Ohio State (11), Penn State (7), Iowa (5), Tennessee (4), Washington (2), Notre Dame (1), Mississippi State (1), North Dakota State (1)

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