Monday, October 17, 2011

Best of UI Police Arrest Records | Northwestern at Iowa

I was cruising the Hawkeye message boards this morning, looking for "fire Ferentz" posts when I came across this pretty good little thread. At the Hawkeyelounge there is a link to the UI Police Records following the Northwestern at Iowa game Saturday night.

Here is the link and some of the highlights:


Arrest highlights:
"Johnston, Jared Dee, 30 of Des Moines, IA for Public Intox & Interference w/official acts at Kinnick at 1752 hours. Officer observed Johnston almost fall when entering Kinnick. Officers told him he needed to leave. Johnston told officers they were “fucking crazy” while talking to officers Johnston tried to flee. Johnston refused PBT."

"Hardy, Brenden Edward Darel, 21 of Iowa City for Public Intox at Kinnick at 1704 hours. Hardy was using the statue to support himself. Hardy would not leave when he was informed he was not going to be allowed into Kinnick. Hardy had slurred speech & smelled heavily of alcohol. Hardy blew .238 PBT."

"Cox, Joel Robert, 32 of Urbandale, IA for Public Intox at Kinnick at 1807 hours. Cox was observed giving money to a security guard at Gate C to get into the stadium. Cox had slurred speech, bloodshot, watery eyes & admitted drinking. Cox refused PBT."

"Pieper, Garrett Ian, 25 of Colfax, IA for Public Intox at Kinnck at 1829 hours. Pieper was sitting slumped over. Pieper had slurred speech & smelled of ingested alcohol. Pieper blew .245 PBT."

For those keeping score, the leader, and you couldn't refuse the breath test to win, was Mark Amend's .262 PBT. Ian Piper's .245 PBT just barely edged out Kelly Ford's .244 for second place. That's a lotta booze people, take care of yourselves.

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