Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hawkeye Links | NCAA Releases Graduation Success Rates

The NCAA released graduation success data today for students entering college in 2004. The Graduation Success Rate (GSR) uses the Federal Graduation Rate (FGR) and then accounts for transfer students, mid-year enrolled and some non-scholarship students. In comparison to the data collected for 2003 the national GSR for all sports increased 3% from 79% to 82%. Men's basketball increased from 66% to 68% while football remained the same at 69%.

The Iowa Men's football program had a reported GSR of 83%, an improvement of 4% over 2003's reported data. That is 14% above the national average. Men's basketball increased 18% from 55% to 73% from 2003 to 2004. That also is now above the national average. How does that compare to the rest of the Big Ten?

Here is the 2004 GSR data for men's football (Big Ten):

Illinois: 76%
Indiana: 66%
Michigan: 71%
Michigan State: 62%
Minnesota: 59%
Northwestern: 94%
Ohio State: 67%
Penn State: 87%
Purdue: 59%
Wisconsin: 66%

Iowa's 83% ranks third behind Northwestern and Penn State.

Now for men's hoops (Big Ten):

Illinois: 100%
Indiana: 47%
Michigan State: 82%
Michigan: 45%
Minnesota: 43%
Northwestern: 80%
Ohio State: 57%
Penn State: 90%
Purdue: 50%
Wisconsin: 50%

Iowa now ranks fifth behind Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern and Penn State.

And finally, here is Iowa State's men's football and basketball:

Iowa State football: 63% men's basketball: 45%

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