Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hawkeye Basketball Links | Iowa Defeats Northwest Missouri State

If you have a subscription to the BTN online stream or stole it you got a first look at the Iowa Men's basketball team. I didn't get to see it firsthand and tried to follow on the radio. Note: tried. The Hawks won by 20 and the Gazette has a recap.

I put it to my Twitter pals to give a rundown of what they saw in person. Here's their scoop:

RT @claymcevoy: Gatens will benefit greatly by having a couple other guys who can shoot....MG will have a solid senior year

RT @claymcevoy: Marble still can't shoot, if Cartwright gets hurt were screwed

RT @claymcevoy: people talking up May, but he looked same to me -- spotty shooter, not great instincts, not comfy in his own skin

RT @claymcevoy:  Basabe had bad game but I will chalk it up as off day -- overall bigs rebounding, defense and fouls was pretty poor

RT @hawkaholic05:  Quite impressed with AW (Aaron White). Great outside shot, blocked a few shots, can play a lot of positions. Lost his man on D a few..

RT @hawkaholic05: times though. We REALLY can't afford to have BC hurt or in foul trouble. Off lacked rhythm when he sat with 2 coils in 1st

RT @MJ_for_IA:  Josh Oglesby has the most beautiful looking jump shot I have ever seen. Just so pure and effortless.

RT @hawkaholic05:  May was playing with great confidence, much better than end of last year. Missed 2 highlight reel dunks, 1 an oop from BC

RT @hawkaholic05: Could also be that they played at least 11 diff lineups. Seeing what works in preseason

RT @jrlinder22:  Besides create, Oglesby does everything pretty well. Surprisingly good defense even, wish we would've seen more of him.

RT @Yabbs:  Watched online: Basabe was very meh, Archie made me wish Brommer was healthy. White looked good. Solid perimeter shooting.

RT @Yabbs:  Solid perimeter shooting by all, that should say. Also, McCabe looked a lot better than anything I saw last year.

RT @hawkaholic05:  Last thing, Gatens looked good going to the hole and finishing. Hopefully he can do this against better teams too

RT @tonysroe:  May played a great floor game, filled the stat sheet. Basabe did nothing. Archie was bad in 1st, respectable in 2nd.

RT @tonysroe:  White is a welcome addition - stretches defenses & great length. Defensive rotations poor in man; looked better in zone.

RT @tonysroe:  Gave up 10 offensive boards in 1st - not good. Olaseni only played 5 minutes, which surprised. Need him to contribute.

RT @jrlinder22:  I think the thing most obviously taken away was that the depth is legitimately on a different level than years past.

RT @claymcevoy:  liked what I saw from all Freshman, White will clearly make the most impact

Some conflicting opinions there. Some like Eric May, others didn't. It sounds like Basabe wasn't focused and Aaron White will be a contributor. A big thanks to those guys for the info, make sure to give them a follow to talk Hawkeye hoops.

Another Twitter pal that has an in-depth commentary is Hawkeye Nation's Storminspank. Justin has a complete breakdown of Iowa's good and bad plus player evaluations.

What's with Basabe? He told the Cedar Rapids Gazette, "“I am disappointed because I expected a lot out of myself.” McCaffery noted that a couple of early fouls may have been the problem.

Finally, some other hoops related links:

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