Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hawkeye Football | It's Senior Day, Here's a Tribute Video

Can you believe it is Iowa football's home finale this weekend? When the Hawkeyes take on Michigan State it will be the final time in uniform on the field for 18 Hawkeye seniors. Kirk Ferentz discussed the final game for his seniors at Tuesday's press conference. Here is what he had to say:

Every senior class seems to have its own kind of personality or its unique story. What's this year's senior class' story?

COACH FERENTZ: I don't know if we have a story yet. It's kind of weird because we still have three games going into senior day. Usually you only have one left, so we'd be a little further down the road. But this group is they've been fun to work with certainly, and it's a mixed bag. You've got guys like Mike Daniels, Tyler Nielsen, Zusevics, Gettis that have played here the last couple years and other guys like Nardo or Bernstine that have jumped in there late, so it's kind of a mixed bag of guys. But they're really a good group, and it's not the biggest class that we've had certainly, but their attitude has really been good, and they've been really good to work with since January.

 It's going to be tough for these guys, as it probably is for any senior playing their last college game. The Des Moines Register's Randy Peterson was able to talk about it with a few of the players.

There are a lot of memories. I couldn't capture all of them in one four minute video. But, I hope you enjoy it:

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