Friday, May 20, 2011

Hawkeye Blogger Round Table Talks ARob, Coe, Mass Transfers and Hoops

On Monday I talked a little bit about a new project, the Hawkeye Network. Part of the project was not only getting exposure to some of the best Hawkeye blogs on the net but also getting bloggers together to share ideas and opinions.

Over the course of the last week the authors of,, and MikeHawk (formerly Hawkize blog, still Hawkize on Twitter) got together to discuss a few of the hot topics from the week in Hawkeye sports. You can read the full round table discussion here at the Hawkeye Network. I thought I would post the questions along with my thoughts:

Question 1: Adam Robinson’s dismissal isn’t a surprise, it was Hawk Central, or more specifically his mom, that kept the door open, at least for the general public. What do you think happened there to close the door for good? Care to speculate?

Rick (PSD)- I recall Coker stating that he wanted him back. That seemed to start a little bit of a shit-storm on the message boards but what did anyone really expect him to say? I think the team moved on, and I’m 99% sure Ferentz moved on back in January.

What impact do you think that has on the 2011 Hawkeyes, if any?

Rick (PSD)
I re-watched the Iowa at Michigan game again yesterday and think Iowa may miss ARob’s receiving skills out of the backfield. He may have been the best receiving option since maybe Albert Young. I hope they find a player that can fill that role this fall. Maybe Iowa can develop De’Andre Johnson into a receiving back?

Any thoughts on where he ends up?

Rick (PSD) - We had a little bit of a discussion the other night about this on Twitter. I think he stays in-state, UNI maybe? He was an undisclosed major so no clues there. I thought for a second there was another Lincoln alum at UNI, LJ Gamblin. Gamblin played at Lincoln with Bernstine and Robinson and went on to UNI. I remember Iowa recruited him a little bit as a linebacker. A little research led me to a UNI site that said Gamblin transfered to ISU so, heh, nevermind.

Question 2: There were rumors about Coe that seemed to stem from comments Eric Johnson made at an I-Club event. Those were confirmed by Morehouse Tuesday when Ferentz commented that he still has work to do. It seems he needs a better ACT/SAT score to qualify. He was a big get for Iowa and on paper was to factor into the running back mix this Fall. If he doesn’t qualify what impact does that have, if any?

Rick (PSD)- You have to wonder if Iowa didn’t win out recruiting him because of the qualification situation. I imagine the coaches have already discussed a plan or options with Coe if he doesn’t qualify. I imagine he was told to be ready to play, I mean with the storied history of the Angry Running Back Hated God. With three other running backs coming in and Johnson and maybe White? the Hawks should be okay without him.

What are his options? Kirkwood? ICCC?

Rick (PSD) - Coe wouldn’t be the first Hawkeye to have to enter a JC for a year to qualify. Andre Tippett, Shonn Greene, Clinton Soloman. The last two were a little different stories since they actually stepped foot on campus before heading to JC to work their way back. Nick Bell was a Prop 48 and sat out his true freshman year to work on academics. It’s happened before, not a hufe deal. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into another ‘Bonecrusher’ type situation, that’s the alternative I guess.

Question 3: If ARob and Coe are out, how do you see the running back position shaking out in the fall?

Rick (PSD) - Coker, Johnson, White start the year on the depth chart but McCall eventually becomes the number two guy. With four (potentially, Coe?) running backs in this class I think two play for sure and the other two (Bullock, Canzeri) redshirt. If McCall is the guy right out of camp maybe he gets a load of carries early, against weak competition. It’ll depend on what kind of camp De’Andre Johnson has.

Question 4: Ferentz told Morehouse that Brad Rogers’ heart condition is improving but that Coach can only be optimistic or hopeful of his return over the summer. Is Ferentz being overly optimistic? Will we see Rogers in the backfield come this fall or does this ailment sound career threatening?

Rick (PSD) - His status has worried me for awhile. At this point, even if he is cleared you have to wonder how well he will perform this fall seeing as he hasn’t worked out, at all, since his diagnosis with the heart problem. I imagine his cardiovascular fitness is way behind that of the other fullbacks on the roster.

As an exercise science major I’ve learned a little about stress tests but not enough to speculate on any sort of illness I imagine that if he is completely shut down, as in no exercise, there may or may have been a condition related to oxygen delivery to the heart (muscle). It’s a tough deal for the kid but at the same time you have to consider him lucky to have this diagnosed before something tragic happened.

Going back to the Michigan replay, he started that day. He gave us Hawk fans a lot of hope about the fullback position for the next three years. I really didn’t think anyone stood out in the Spring scrimmage and am not sure what Iowa does at the fullback position if he is ruled out. I think Gimm is the leader, on paper? Hopefully someone will emerge.

Rick (PSD) - I’m not sure if Lowe was going to get much more than spot duty as far as playing time. Gavin Smith, the walk-on JC kid, will probably pick up any PT Lowe was going to get. If he doesn’t get beat out by a true freshman.

Ferentz, in his way, has made it clear that he wasn’t happy with how certain members of the media reported the Rhabdo story. I wonder if guys like Dodd get the Jim Rome treatment and vice versa.

Question 6: It sounds like both Indianapolis and Chicago made their pitch to the Big Ten for the future Championship games. Indoor or outdoor, Indy or Chi-town, which do you prefer?

Rick (PSD) - I’m biased towards Chicago. It’s easy for me to get there and I have in-laws in the area that I can stay with, etc. The Big Ten has a chance to be unique and play the game outside.

Question 7: Switching to Hawkeye hoops, what’s your take on Fran’s first real recruiting classs?

Rick (PSD) - I like the focus on athleticism. I think Olaseni will be a benefit on the defensive end and could result in more pressing defense when he is on the floor. I still think he is a third option behind Brommer and Archie but he might earn more minutes as the season progresses.

I’m not sure about Oglesby, hopefully he is the shooter everyone says he is. I think Iowa lacked a three point threat last year and it hurt them late in-games.

Hubbard is the wild card in my mind. If he can be the slasher and scorer that he was in JC the Hawks will get the boost offensively they need. I hope that he becomes a leader and a score on the court. The kind of player that just makes everyone else on the floor better.

Question 8: Iowa hosts Clemson in the ACC/B1G challenge on Nov. 29th. Think the Hawks will win this one?

Rick (PSD) - Hawks win! Hawks win! I really don’t know and it’s way too early. I thought I read that Clemson lost a lot from last years team and the students will be back from Tgiving break, so I hope that Carver is rockin’.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hawkeye Football | Update on Offensive Lineman Dan Heiar

It was a little over a month ago when the news broke that Juco transfer Dan Heiar was involved in an automobile accident. Heiar, part of the 2011 Hawkeye football recruiting class, figured to be in the mix along the offensive line this fall.

The Clinton Herald has a recap of Wednesday night's I-Club event in which Ferentz talked about Heiar. Ferentz told the crowd:

“Most importantly, he’s healthy,”
Ferentz also added:

“Right now, he’s recovering. He’s been home for a couple weeks. We expect him on campus at the end of May, or if not, then in June. He’ll take care of the incompletes he had academically. Our first thoughts are to get him, number one healthy and secondly get his classwork made up.”

Heiar has three years to play two at Iowa and a redshirt could be used if he isn't physically ready to play in 2011.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hawkeye Football | Recapping Day 2 of the B1G Spring Meetings

Here is a recap of some more goodies from Chicago and the Big Ten Spring meetings. For nuggets from yesterday's news links click here.

Marc Morehouse, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, has more player and general football updates today at his On Iowa Blog. Highlights include:
  • Brad Rogers condition has improved but he is still not cleared to participate
  • Jim Poggi may need a medical waiver
  • Northwestern at Iowa may be a night game
  • Chicago or Indianapolis for the Big Ten title game is a serious debate
Scott Dochterman, also of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, was getting the hoops scoop. Dochterman also had a chance to talk to head basketball coach Fran McCaffery and posted about it here. Some of Doc's highlights:
  • The Big Ten may begin regular season hoops play in December
  • McCaffery may not be done with recruiting for 2011
  • Gatens and Cartwright will be around for the Prime Time league but Basabe may not
Here is a video of Ferentz published on by Adam Rittenberg.

Quite a bit to digest and I'm certain more news and stories will come throughout the week. You can stay up to date on the latest stories as they emerge on the Hawkeye Network.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hawkeye Football | Recapping Day 1 of the B1G Spring Meetings

Marc Morehouse, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, was able to talk a few minutes with head Hawkeye football coach Kirk Ferentz. Morehouse provided us these updates:
  • Adam Robinson is gone for good
  • William Lowe will not play football and will not transfer
  • Dan Heiar is still recovering from his accident
  • Incoming frosh Rodney Coe still needs a better ACT/SAT score to qualify
Rob Howe, of Hawkeye, provides a free-for-all YouTube video of Ferentz speaking today.

The Hawkeye hoops team now know their opponent for the ACC/B1G Challenge game in November. The Hawkeyes will host Clemson on November 29th.

Other news/links:

B1G title game sites down to Chicago, Indy
Notes from Big Ten spring meetings
>Peterson: Mom says EX-Hawk Robinson is exploring options
Big Ten to choose between Chicago, Indianapolis for future title sites

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Wanted to Take a Second to Talk About a New Project

I used Google Blogger to create a homepage I've called the 'Hawkeye Network.' 

I found that I really liked the blog rolls on the side bars of this blog but I've found when visiting on my phone it is sometimes difficult to enlarge the page enough to truly read the snippet.

So, I created the Hawkeye Network to serve as a simple homepage that is fully an RSS feed list. It updates in real time. You can bookmark the Hawkeye Network and refresh the page to get the latest news and blog stories that are on the web.
I believe I have most of the blog sites and news feeds. If there is anything missing please let me know. I didn't leave off any thing intentionally. In the future I may add blogs that are Big Ten related or have more of a national feel.

There are plans for blog posts. I've talked with owners of some of the blog sites listed and there are plans for a Hawkeye Blogger round table in the future. I've also like to use the blog posts to spotlight some of the many Hawkeye fans I've met on Twitter and through other forms of social media.

I also created a new Twitter account for the Hawkeye Network and will use that to retweet various Hawkeye news, links, photos, and videos from the Twitterverse.

It was an easy thing to set-up and I've received advice and help from some of my Hawkeye friends. I hope you bookmark the Hawkeye Network and if you have any ideas for improvement, general comments, or would like to contribute you can let me know via Twitter.

Thanks, PSD

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hawkeye Football | Former Hawk Wide Receiver Trey Stross Arrested

Former Hawkeye wide receiver Trey Stross still has some fight in him. Stross, now 24, was arrested early Saturday morning in downtown Iowa City following an altercation. Per KCJJ, Stross was charged with "Disorderly Conduct – Fighting or Violent Behavior" and booked at 2:56 am. KCJJ also reports Stross was released Saturday morning.

Here is the report on the ICPD arrest blotter:

No further details have emerged and that includes the message board scene. It was graduation weekend in Iowa City. Perhaps Stross was in town to celebrate with the graduates?

Stross was often injured during his Hawkeye career and he ended it with 964 career receiving yards and seven touchdowns.

Hawkeye Basketball | Cyclones Steal One From the Hawkeyes

Georges Niang, 6'7" 230 pound class of 2012 power forward has made his college decision. Niang, of Methuen, Mass tweeted this evening:

Niang was being recruited by both Iowa and Iowa State as well as holding offers from Boston College, Providence, Maryland, George Mason, Miami and others. Niang visited Iowa City back in late March, just a day after he visited Iowa State. He held an offer from Fran McCaffery but the Cyclones won this one.

Niang has seen his stock soar after earning MVP honors for his play in the New England Class AA tournament. He's been described as versatile big man that can crash the boards and pull up for a mid-range jumper. His skill set is , aw who cares, he picked Iowa State.

Hawkeye Basketball | Melsahn Basabe Tweet or Song Lyric?

Okay, first I'm not knocking Melsahn, love the kid and what the brings to the basketball court. Basabe was recently invited to U-19 USA Basketball team that will play in the FIBA World Championships. But, as an dude reaching his mid-thirties, I sometimes have no idea what he is talking about on Twitter (and probably that is by design).

This has been done before, I believe it was Murph and Andy, or Chris Hassel, that played a similar game with DJK's tweets. This game asks you to pick A or B, one is a Melsahn Basabe tweet, the other, a song lyric. Take the quiz, I'll have the answers at the bottom of the page.

A.) I  would have told that shorty help me up baby
B.) She can be 18 wit an attitude or 19 kinda snotty actin real rude

A.) By Myself Walking n Bumpin the Pod
B.) Ya feelin the wrath of the rump then bump in ya trunk

A.) 95' Air Max cause I'm a dope runna'
B.) Air Max 95 and Pink Tights

A.) Woman like flowers, I like them to for yall but they don't last long
B.) Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?

A) Shorties gonna be a thug
B.) Shorties need to stop thinking they can correct me

A.) So how we gonna' kick it gonna kick it root down
B.) We can kick it for minute but i gotta get back to this money

A.) No to gas myself but I be looking krispy in some of bball pics lol every real baller love pics they look flea in
B.) I'm illi in here I'm a young money millionaire

A.) They should arrest you or undress you, Girl you be killing em
B.) You ain't gotta worry bout her, shorty straight

A.) I feel like the flyest in this club, that's. Just from what I see and the slimes I brought with me supa fly too
B.) I'm through with standing in line to clubs I'll never get in

A.) Plus I don't step I got a G stroll
B.) Ladies love my style, at my table gettin wild

Answers/Mel's twiiter page: A, A, B, A, B, B, A, A, A, A
Actual songs: 1.Nelly, Ride wit me 2. Bone Thugs, Bump in the Trunk 3. Gucci Mane, Bricks  4.Katy Perry, Peacock 5. Tupac, Shorties Wanna Be a Thug  6. Beastie Boys, Root Down 7. Lil Wayne, Milli 8. Fabolous, You Be Killin Em 9. Nickleback, Rockstar 10. Far East Movement, like a G6

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