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Hawkeye Football | Links from Iowa Football's Open Practice

There are lot's of videos, pics, and observations from today's open practice. Here we go:


Stats, lineups and notes
Notebook # 1: Rudock in the mix?

Photos: Kid’s Day
Kids Day Photo Gallery


Keenan Davis at Kids Day
Kids Day Video
KIDS DAY VIDEO: The Hawkeyes speak
Vandenberg at Kids Day
Kirk on Kids Day
Action video — line drills
Kids Day at Kinnick Stadium
8/13/2011: Iowa football video (Kid’s Day)
Iowa practice videos includes long pass from Vandenberg to McNutt
Video interviews

What Happened? Observations from Iowa Football's Open Practice

It was a beautiful day to be in Kinnick Stadium. They opened the South endzone so the crowd was a little spread out. I'd guess 10,000 people but I'm not good at that game. I'll put together a link post tomorrow morning. For now, it's just my thoughts and observations, bullet style.

There was a long list of guys either out of practice or in a red jersey. Red jersey guys were Getz, Daniels, and Coker. I'm guessing Coker's was purely precautionary.

Out: Alvis, Hardy, Lomax, Nolan MacMillan, Casey McMillan, Raymon, Scherrf, James Morris, Alston, Rogers, Poggi. Maybe more, not sure.

Matt Tobin was working with the first team offensive line.

The defensive line was a constant rotation. Among the rotation of Dline were: Binns, Davis, Daniels, Forgy, Gaglione and Trinca-Pasat.

Darian Cooper practiced in shorts. He did participate in the scrimmage. I'm assuming the shorts are part of an NCAA requirement. I believe that there is a rule that dictates how many practices players must be in shorts before they are in pads. I think. Please, someone use the comment section to correct me if I'm wrong.

Second team Oline went Donnal, Drew Clark, Boffeli, Orne and Van Sloten.

Kevonte Martin-Manley looks to have locked up the third WR slot.

RB appeared to be Coker, White, Johnson, McCall, Canzeri/Bullock. Johnson was injured during the scrimmage and took off his pads.

The secondary, like the Dline, mixed in reps with a long list of guys. Hyde and Miller at safeties. Bernstine played both safety positions at times. Castillo, Lowery, Sleeper and Torrey Campbell worked in with Prater, Hyde and Miller. Walk-ons Gavin Smith and Jamal Overton got some reps as well.

Tom Donatell was working at OLB.

Hitchens added some size, I liked him a lot.

Bruce Davis took most of the MLB reps with Morris out. I'm hoping he has a strong final go at it.

I probably focused the most of Iowa's new faces today, here are random thoughts about most of them:

I'll start with Rudock. It wasn't a very good day for Vandenberg but JV is cleary the number one QB. Rudock looked like the second best QB on the team. His mechanics and footwork are outstanding. You can tell the kid has been in many QB camps and is very coached up. He will benefit from a redshirt and some trips to the training table. He's still a skinny kid that needs to add 20 pounds.

If you were one that thought Darian Cooper could see the field this year you are probably right. He's a quick man for his size and I was really impressed with his rush from the inside.

I was impressed with both freshman wide receivers Marcus Grant and Jacob Hillyer. They are both big targets and the depth chart after McNutt, Davis and Martin-Manley is a real question mark. It wouldn't surprise me to see them both burn their redshirts.

Both Ray Hamilton and Henry Krieger-Coble looked pretty good to me. Iowa ran a few three WR sets and I suspect will count heavily on the H-back motion this season to compensate for the lack of a fullback. Herman and Fiedorowicz looked good today but so did Hamilton and Krieger-Coble. I think Hamilton plays for sure, HKC may be iffy. Depends on injuries I suppose.

Austin Blythe has already worked into the third string center spot. The few times I saw him I thought he as aggressive and held his own. He's gonna be a good one folks.

I watched Jordan Walsh a play or two. I think he'll redshirt for sure but he'll compete for a starting spot next year.

I didn't see much of the freshman linebackers, not enough to comment.

When De'Andre Johnson went out McCall was the first freshman in. He had quite a few reps at tailback and I think it's a no-brainer he plays this year. Of Bullock and Canzeri, I'd guess Canzeri sees the field. He has super quick feet and cuts on a dime. He's still a little guy so the pass protection would be a concern but he'd be a nice change-of-pace back for a play or two. Maybe even return some kicks.

Torrey Campbell looks to have worked his way into at least second string DB. Nico Law was running with the third squad and looked like he still needs some time to learn the defensive calls/formations/etc.

Random observations from other than true frosh:

Carl Davis is a project. I think he plays a little this year but is still learning.

Donnal is being groomed for LT but he is still a ways away. His footwork was clumsy at times. It almost looked like he's still in "thinking" mode.

Trinca-Pasast impressed the hell outta me today. He has a Klug like motor and was giving Van Sloten fits.

Derby stuggled.

Fiedorowicz is getting beastier (is that a word).

There was a lot of youth on that field. It's going to be a season with growing pains. The defense will be a work in progress and won't be as stout as people have grown accustomed to. I know this, the 2011 Hawkeyes will test the patience of it's fan base.

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PSD's Twitter Top 25 College Football Preseason Poll

The polls have been submitted and the numbers crunched for the first PSD's Twitter Top 25 CFB Poll. We have 44 entries into the preseason poll and before I get to the results I'll explain how I scored it. I gave 25 points for a first place vote and 1 point for a twenty fifth place vote.

Here is the Preseason Top 25(Rank/Team/Record/Points/1st Place Votes):

#1Oklahoma(0-0)1094   (26)
#7Florida State(0-0)762
#8Boise St(0-0)754
#9Texas AM(0-0)         689
#10S Carolina(0-0)660
#11  Oklahoma State(0-0)659
#12Virginia Tech        (0-0)654
#16Michigan State(0-0)343
#17Miss St(0-0)286
#18Ohio State(0-0)265
#23Notre Dame(0-0)169
#24West Virginia(0-0)146

Others Receiving Votes (Team/Votes):

Texas 98, Miami (Fl) 96, Iowa 95, USC 87, ASU 78, Arizona 54, Colorado 25 (1), Iowa State 24, Oregon St. 23, Baylor 23, Northwestern 21, Michigan 20, Boston College 20, Washington 18, Vanderbilt 15, Clemson 14, Ole Miss 13, Penn St 10, UConn 10, Nevada 8, Minnesota 6, Pitt 5, BYU 4, Houston 3, Northern Illinois 3, UCF 3, N. Carolina 1, Maryland 1, Hawai'i 1, Tennessee 1, S. Florida 1

There is one submission that is using a unique system and you'll be able to view all the submissions and give em grief via the Twitter if you like. Here is the link to all of the submissions. Sort of a pollspeak if you will (how they voted). The voters listed their Twitter accounts above their poll. You can seek them out and give them a follow.

If you are interested in participating in the poll for the regular season shoot me a Direct Message on Twitter.

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Hawkeye Football | Linebacker Shane DiBona Out for the Year

There were some rumblings earlier today after a Facebook post by Shane Dibona that he may have suffered a pretty serious injury. Now we have confirmation that the rumor is indeed true. Dibona, a sophomore from Massachusetts, suffered an  Achilles tendon injury yesterday.

DiBona was listed in the fall two-deeps as second string outside linebacker. Dibon and fellow sophomore Anthony Hitchens were written in as co-number two's. They both were battling Christian Kirksey for the starting role. DiBona has used his redshirt option at Iowa. Let us hope for a full recovery and that he can be back on the field to fight for a linebacker spot next spring.

Darian Cooper, Hawks in the NFL and Who Wants to Help With PSD's Top 25

We have a Darian Cooper sighting! In the latest release of Hawkeye practice pics from Hawkeye Sports Cooper makes an appearance. Good to see he's in camp!

It was reported yesterday that the true voice of the Hawkeyes, Gary Dolphin, is battling cancer. By all accounts Dolph and his doctors caught the cancer early and he is expecting to be in the booth for the Hawkeye home opener.

In recruiting news,

Illinois offensive lineman Tommy Schutt has given his verbal commitment to Penn State. Schutt recently opened up his recruiting after he was informed Notre Dame and Michigan no longer has a spot for him. Schutt held an Iowa offer and is rated the #1 prospect in the state of Illinois.

Rob Howe, of HawkeyeInsider, reports that Fran McCaffery is close to extending a new offer to a 2012 point guard prospect. This link to Howe's site is for premium members but lists that prospect as Anthony Clemmons of Michigan. Here is a video of Clemmons in action:

The NFL preseason is about to kickoff and there are plenty of former Hawks that will be fighting for a spot on a roster or for playing time. Blog buddy Brendan Stiles at has a complete breakdown of what teams are playing, what Hawkeyes are on those teams, and what times these games will be played. He put in a lot of work, mad props!

I've been searching the Twitter for any and all Hawk NFL news this week, here are some bullets:
  • Arami Spievey appears to have won the starting SS spot in Detroit
  • Matt Roth is still a man without a team
  • Karl Klug is all the rave in Titans camp
  • Klug has also been working quite a bit with the first team
  • The Vikings appear to be really excited about Ballard
  • Aaron Kampman is dinged up in Jacksonville
  • Mitch King missed some time with a minor heart issue
  • Stanzi is currently third string
  • Moeaki is back and practicing
  • Tarpinian is a popular pick for UDFA's to make the Patriots team
  • Matt Kroul has been moved to the Oline
  • Clayborn is looking like a starter
  • Tyler Sash has impressed a lot of people in NY
  • Babineaux is returning from injury
  • Bulaga was dinged this week in practice, nothing serious
And finally, I wanted to talk a second about a project I started yesterday. On Twitter, I asked my friends and bloggers about interest in joining me in collaborating on a College Football Top 25 Poll. The response was overwhelming really, go Internet! So far, there are close to 50 participants that signed up to input their weekly Top 25 into a spread sheet I designed using Google docs.

Each week, after the polls are submitted, I'll tabulate a Top 25 using a point system for each submission. After that, I'll post the Top 25 on this blog and try to have a post breaking down how each voter voted. I plan to release the preseason poll either tomorrow or over the weekend and there is still time to get involved if you like.

To register as a voter please follow me on Twitter and send a DM (private message) with your email address. You can also comment on this blog post with your address and I will add you and then delete the comment (it stays private until I approve it, in other words, no one will see it). Once I receive your address I will add you as a collaborator to the spread sheet and you can there enter your Top 25. The voting for the preseason Top 25 ends tonight at 12pm CST.

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Hawkeye Links | Gaines, Abrahamson, Media's Peek at Football Practice

First, some basketball recruiting news.

High School hoopsters Kenny Gaines and Kale Abrahamson made their college choices yesterday. Both held offers from Iowa but Gaines gave his verbal commitment to Georgia, Abrahamson to Northwestern.

Kale Abrahamson commits to NU
Georgia lands top Atlanta point guard Kenny Gaines

Former Hawkeye forward Jarryd Cole has decided to play professional basketball overseas. Yesterday Cole tweeted, "made the decision to continue playing ball and start my rookie year in Iceland!! extremely blessed to have this opportunity!" Congrats JC!

In football recruiting news, both Greg Garmon and David Smith will be visiting Iowa this weekend. Iowa will hold their open practice Saturday and both runningback recruits will be in attendance. Smith received an Iowa offer just this week. Garmon was a North Carolina lean until the coaching change.

We fans will be able to get a peak at the football team Saturday. Yesterday, the media was invited inside Kinnick Stadium for 15 mins. Several Hawkeye websites were there to snap some pics and grab some video. There were also some interesting tweets, we'll start there.

  • RT @marcmorehouse: Carl Davis was in as a No. 1 DT
  • RT @marcmorehouse: Just checking the practice videos, Torrey Campbell some time with the ones.
  • RT @marcmorehouse: Tanner Miller in as a safety. Probably not using Prater and Hyde. They know what they can do.
  • RT @marcmorehouse: Think Hyde was CB and Bernstine with S.
  • RT @marcmorehouse: Full pads today. Raymon, Lowdermilk and couple others not practicing.
Now, here are links to the pics and videos:

The freshmen (most of them, anyway)
Few more vids and pics (Binns on Hendricks list)
Video and pictures from Tuesday practice
Training Camp - Practice #5 Pics
Hawkeye Report Practice Clips
8/9/2011: Iowa football practice video

And finally, this video from

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The Greatest Iowa Hawkeye Football Link Post in the History of Link Posts

Here is a list of links from both this site and from around the web that will be more than enough reading to get you caught up before heading to Kinnick either for Kid's Day or for the home opener against Tennessee Tech.

Official Roster:

2011 Football Roster


Hawkeye Football | A Look at the New Fall Two-Deeps

Position break downs:

2011 Iowa position breakdowns: Quarterbacks/Running Backs
2011 Iowa position breakdowns: Wide Receivers/Tight Ends
2011 Iowa position breakdowns: Offensive Line
Assume the Position 2011: Offensive Line
Assume the Position 2011: Quarterback
Assume the Position 2011: Tight End
Assume the Position 2011: Running Back
Assume the Position 2011: Wide Receiver
Assume the Position 2011: Linebacker
Four downs with the special teams
Four downs with the defensive backs
Four downs with the linebackers
Four downs with the D-line
Four downs with the O-line
Four downs with the wide receivers (and TEs)

Fall camp discussion:

2011 Iowa Football Fall Practice Preview: Five Questions On Defense 
2011 Iowa Football Fall Practice Preview: Five Questions On Offense 

PSD's Who Is? Series:

Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Defensive Back Jamal Overton
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Fullback Matt Meyers
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Brandon Scherff?
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Wide Receiver Don Shumpert
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Terrance Pryor and Cole Heissel
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Matt Tobin and Casey Kreiter
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Wide Receiver Kevonte Martin-Manley
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Defensive Back BJ Lowery
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Wide Receiver Steven Staggs
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Eric Guthrie and Jonny Mullings
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Collin Sleeper
Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Thomas Nardo
Hawkeye Football | If Brad Rogers is Out, Who is in?
Who is Woody Orne? | Plus Hawkeye Links
Who is Tom Donatell? | Plus Hawkeye Links
Who is Jason White? | Plus Hawkeye Links
Monday Evening Hawkeye Links | Plus Who Is De'Andre Johnson?

Other Hawkeye profile pieces:

Viva la Alvis
McNutt stays for the credits
Hyde up in the air
Prater wants to be the man when it comes to ‘man-to-man’
Meyer knows view from the top can be temporary
On line — TE Austin Vier
On line — DL Louis Trinca-Pasat
On line — OL Brandon Scherff
On line — LB Jim Poggi
On line — P Jonny Mullings
On line — WR Kevonte Martin-Manley
On line — RB De’Andre Johnson
On line — DT Mike Hardy
On line — OL Andrew Donnal
On line — QB A.J. Derby
On line — DT Carl Davis

Spring Game discussion:

Hawkeye Football | Defensive Spring Movements Within the Two-Deeps
First Impressions and Random Thoughts From Iowa's Spring Scrimmage
Hawkeye Football | Was the OLine That Good or the DLine That Bad?
Derby, Wienke even in No. 2 QB race
Podcast: ‘On Iowa’ recaps spring football
No 3-4, but maybe more 3-4


2011 Iowa Football Prediction
HI Predicts Iowa '11

The freshmen (Hawkeye bios and vids):

Damon Bullock
Darian Cooper
John Raymon
Jordan Canzeri
Marcus Collins
Austin Blythe
Mika'il McCall
Nico Law
Melvin Spears
Ray Hamilton
Jake Duzey
Henry Krieger-Coble
Cole Fisher
Jordan Walsh
Riley McMinn
Jake Rudock
Torrey Campbell
Marcus Grant
Quinton Alston
Jordan Lomax
Jacob Hillyer
Dean Tsopanides

Okay, maybe this isn't the greatest link post but I had good intentions. This stuff can be exhausting man, it's almost like work. Okay, maybe not.

Hawkeye Links | David Smith, Mike Gesell and Football Vids

David Smith, runningback from Midlothian, Illinois has received an offer from the Hawkeye football coaching staff. Smith is a 6'1" 190 pound three star recruit according to Rivals. He currently lists offers from quite a few BCS schools. Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State and Purdue are on that list.

I've mentioned Smith a couple times before, here are the links to posts discussing Maurice Fleming tweeting about his buddy:

Hawkeye Football | More on Fleming's Tweets | Jaleel Johnson or David Smith?
Hawkeye Football | Is Iowa on the Verge of Another Commit?

Yesterday Iowa scored the highest rated basketball commit since Tyler Smith when Mike Gesell picked the Hawkeyes over Stanford and his home state Nebraska. Gesell was the Nebraska Gatorade player of the year as a junior in Nebraska, the fallout from Big Red can be read here:

Hawkeyes get a major score in Gesell
Shatel: Losing Gesell downer for Doc

The football coaching staff is making use of its site these early practice sessions. For fans like us this stuff is gold. There are two new videos, one of the QB's in action, the second is has more of a "Hard Knocks" feel. Enjoy.

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Hawkeye Links | Lebron Daniel Hurt? Iowa on BTN and Hawks in the NFL

If you haven't listened to this week's installment of the OnIowa podcast here is the link. Marc Morehouse and Scott Dochterman discuss Hawkeye football and what to expect at this week's Kid's Day.

Morehouse had a couple of interesting injury notes. First, Lebron Daniel has seen limited contact thus far at camp and the injury and timetable for full practice is unclear. Daniel is the defensive end in waiting having backed up Adrian Clayborn for most of his career. Morehouse and Doc discuss possibilities for Daniel's replacement if he can not participate this early season.

Another injury note was linebacker Dakota Getz. Getz, not yet in the two-deeps, would be a loss to special teams if he can't participate this early season. His injury and time frame is also still unclear.

The Big Ten Network has announced their on-site preview schedule. The BTN crew will broadcast their coverage of Iowa on August 17th at 7 pm CST.

Soon after the Hawkeyes picked up the second commit for 2012, Mike Gesell, the North Carolina Tar Heels swooped in and offered Gesell's All Iowa Attack teammate Adam Woodbury. Woodbury did a Q/A with the Gazette's Scott Dochterman and talks about Iowa and his latest offer.

Around the Hawkeye blogosphere:

2011 Iowa position breakdowns: Wide Receivers/Tight Ends
2011 Iowa position breakdowns: Offensive Line
Okay, I'll Say It: I Don't Trust the Offensive Line 

Hawks in the NFL:

Hawkeye Basketball | Point Guard Mike Gesell Commits to Iowa

Mike Gesell, of South Sioux City, Nebraska, has verbally committed to play hoops for Fran McCaffery and the Hawkeyes.  Gesell was set to announce his decision at 1pm but Scott Dochterman, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, has the confirmation from Mike's high school coach here. Gesell is a 6'2" 180 pound point/shooting guard that picked Iowa over Stanford and Nebraska.

Gesell is a four star prospect and rated by Rivals as the 89th best player in the country. recruiting gives Gesell a scouts grade of 93 and says "Gesell is a strong, physical and very athletic combo guard."

He played his AAU ball on the All Iowa Attack Team with North Carolina commit Marcus Paige. Because of Paige's skills at the point Gesell moved to shooting guard. When taking over the point he proved he could play either the one or the two.

Gesell was named the Gatorade player of the year as a junior in Nebraska. He averaged 25 points and 8 assists.

I've followed Gesell a bit this summer, you can catch up on the previous posts that include news and videos of Gesell on the AAU and tournament circuit.

Hawkeye Basketball | Watch Recruit Prospects Woodbury and Gesell Live
Hawkeye Basketball | Recruiting Prospects Shine in Run-n-Slam All-Star Classic
Hawkeye Basketball | Best of Twitter Updates | Gesell and Woodbury Day One
Hawkeye Basketball | Best of Twitter Updates | Gesell and Woodbury Day Two
Hawkeye Basketball | Iowa Recruiting Prospects for 2012

Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Fullback Matt Meyers

If you've been eyeballing all of the latest pictures posted on from the first few Hawkeye practices you may have seen this name, Matt Meyers. He's popped up more than once in the small sample of pics we've been teased with thus far.

Matt Meyers is a 6'2" 215 pound redshirt freshman from Plainfield, Illinois. Meyers joined the team last year as a walk-on. According to his Hawkeye Sports bio Meyers was honorable mention All-State in football and wrestled at North High School.

I wrote a little bit about Meyers in March when I asked, If Rogers is out, who is in? Meyers made a move from linebacker to fullback and if the pictures from practice tell the story he may be seeing snaps as the number two guy. Brad Rogers isn't practicing and is being monitored by the Iowa City Hospital. That means the fullback spot is Jonathan Gimm, maybe Jacob Reisen and then followed by a question mark.

We'll know more about the fullback position following the open practice this Saturday. If Meyers is currently second string we will surely see him on the field in the home opener against Tennesse Tech.

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Hawkeye Football | Who Is? Defensive Back Jamal Overton

With the Who Is? series I like to take a look at Hawkeye players that either walked-on to the program or may have not yet received a whole lot of press. With the season approaching this is the perfect time to take a look at some Hawkeyes that make fans say, "hey! who is that?" The first player in this summer's series is Jamal Overton.

Overton makes his Hawkeye debut in the preseason practice pics #2 released on Hawkeye Sports.

Overton is a 5'10" 180 pound defensive back from Pomona, California. rated Overton as a two star prospect for the 2011 recruiting class. Overton listed interest in several BCS schools but no offers. mentioned that Overton visited Iowa City in January but did not receive an offer from the Iowa during that visit. An offer from Iowa may have hinged on Jordan Lomax, who did commit to the Hawkeyes. also has Overton as a two star prospect. There is listed as a smaller 5'9" but with an impressive 36 inch verticle leap.

Jamal, while not receiving an offer, still decided to walk-on to the Hawkeye team. The Quad-City Times reported back on signing day that there was an Iowa connection with Overton. He has relatives in the Quad-Cities.

Here are some highlights of Jamal via YouTube:

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